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Finance Business Partnering

ICAEW’s report Finance business partnering: a guide provides a detailed discussion of how finance departments can play a broader business role in organisations.

View the report: Finance business partnering: a guide. 

On this page we will build up a range of additional resources.  These will include case studies, articles, and webcasts. If you would like to contribute or have any comments, please email bam@icaew.com.

Finance business partnering articles

A list of articles about finance business planning

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Finance business partnering articles

How can finance departments can play a broader business role in organisations? Find articles to continue the discussion.

Finance business partnering case studies

Read our finance business partnering case studies.

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Business partnering articles

Practical advice for those considering business partnering. Read our latest features and articles on business partnering.

Finance and Business Partnering - webcasts and videos

View our webcasts and videos about finance business partnering.

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Business partnering CPD training

Positively impacting business performance. Faculty members receive 30% off.

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Business partnering and personal impact

Business partnering, ethics and communication skills to enable you to influence your business more significantly, frequently and consistently.