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Superforecasting: How to improve your forecasting skills

Forecasting is an essential skill for finance professionals and managers. Business decisions of all kinds depend on effective approaches to looking ahead – cash flow forecasts drive operational and financing decisions; market forecasts drive strategic decisions and so on.


This guide outlines the core principles of “Superforecasting” which will help you develop your forecasting skills. 

Learn how to apply 10 key ideas, including breaking intractable forecasting problems into manageable ones, balancing inside and outside perspectives and weighing up different points of view.

The guide was co-authored by Professor Philip Tetlock, the author of Superforecasting: The Art and Science of Prediction, and Superforecaster and finance expert, Warren Hatch.

The result is a guide that summarises and builds on the book in a way tailored to Chartered Accountants. 

Superforecasting guide

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