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Shareholder disputes – the cases of Attwood v Maidment

Andrew Strickland looks at the cases of Attwood v Maidment and the observations that can be made.

There has been bruising litigation between Mr Maidment and Mr Attwood in a series of hearings between July 2011 and July 2012. In the middle of this process one of the parties went to the Court of Appeal: he was not content with one aspect of the judge’s decisions in the second of these hearings. Since the hearings there has been yet another (successful) application to the Court of Appeal.

The cases have involved an estate agency business and a property investment business; there have been allegations regarding funds in excess of £1 million moved to Northern Cyprus in suspicious circumstances; the estate agency business was transferred from one company to another for consideration of £5,000; and allegations were made that one of the parties paid himself excess remuneration.