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Culture articles

A collection of articles from journals and trade publications on corporate culture.

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Innovation-driven culture

Developing a culture that prioritizes innovation is the key to creating long-term sustainable value, say the authors. They use three companies as case studies - Reading Bakery Systems, Johnson & Johnson, and the LEGO Group.

Engaging employees in the world of hybrid work

The pandemic has radically changed how employees experience corporate culture, and firms must embrace the new reality. Researchers suggest three strategies to help both hybrid home/office and far-flung employees feel connected.

A healthy workplace culture is the 'secret sauce' to success, Part 2

How organizations can take action to transform their culture from the prevailing to the preferred, using a 'Workplace Culture Assessment' approach.

A healthy workplace culture is the 'secret sauce' for success, Part 1

The right culture lifts people up, expands the capacity of the workforce to execute new challenges, and enhances the organization's performance. Patrick Ibarra considers how organizations can create a 'connection culture', which combines vision, value and voice.

EISAI's ESG investments

The Japanese pharmaceutical company's investments in human capital and R&D have been linked to a positive correlation with long-term corporate value.

Strong organizational culture requires cultural intelligence

The article explores how strong organisational culture requires cultural intelligence, and importance of organisational culture and the overwhelming role leaders play in building that culture.

Diversity beyond the business case

Article looks at the business case argument for diversity in the workplace but how there is no evidence that increased diversity makes a company more profitable. The learning and effectiveness paradigm is highlighted as a better model.

Tone at the top v tune in the middle:

The article compares the influence of upper management and direct supervisors on establishing the ethical culture of an organization. It discusses the lack of direct interaction between employees and upper management and its effect on the relevance of supervisors to employees' approach to ethical behavior

Human factors critical to securing digital transformation

The article offers information on several human factors to secure digital transformations and suggests that sourcing the latest cyber security technology to support digital transformation projects is meaningless if you fail to address your organisational culture and the people in it.

Seeing the link between culture and technology is a fast-growing governance issiue

The article offers information on association between culture and technology which leads to board governance issue . Information on challenges in board's responsibility to gain deeper insights into culture and the impact that technology is discussed.

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