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Shareholder relations press articles

A collection of articles from journals and trade publications on shareholder relations

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Getting serious about ESG risks

The article offers information on the environmental, social and governance (ESG) approach of a company for risk management. Topics discussed include making adjustments to the risk management strategies for applying ESG approach; maintaining partnerships with senior executive leaders, finance, investor relations and corporate communications to assess and mitigate ESG risks.

Evolving investor relations

The article deals with the growing influence of passive investors which may prompt companies to develop a new approach to board governance and investor communications

When replacing an audit committee member, does financial expertise matter to investors?

The article reports on the study which reveals that financial expertise of audit committee member is important to investors. Topics mentioned include the importance of financial expertise on audit committees in the improvement of audit committee effectiveness in financial monitoring duties, the internal auditing management, and the role of audit committee to financial statements management. Also mentioned are the role of audit committee in decision-making and the financial reports quality.

Preparing for the 2018 US proxy and annual reporting season - are you ready?

Guidance for companies preparing for the 2018 US proxy and annual reporting season, which will be the first time that CEO pay ratio disclosure will be required.

The error at the heart of corporate leadership

This article examine the agency-based model’s foundations and flaws and its implications for companies (boards making shareholder value their primamry concern) before proposing an alternative model that would have at its core the health of the enterprise rather than near-term returns to its shareholders. Their model would refocus companies’ attention to innovation, strategic renewal, and investment in the future.

Changing board practices and culture to meet investor expectations

Investors are becoming interested in a wide range of board matters such as long-term business strategy, risk mitigation and board composition.

Investors and BEPS: A precarious balance

The OECD Base Erosion and Profit Shifting actions will result in a higher effective tax rate (ETR) and cash tax liability for most multinationals, whereas investors will continue to strive for lower ETRs and cash tax liabilities in the companies they consider for investment. Keith Brockman looks at where the balance should be in this equation, and who should be the master negotiator.

Who is telling your company story?

Article discusses the importance of an investor relations officer and board of directors on businesses during engagement with shareholders along with the growing number of corporate secretaries with credibility and skills that could provide businesses effective shareholder engagement.

Internal audit's role in investor relations

The article examines the relevance of internal auditing to investor relations. Topics discussed include building strong relations with institutional investors and reducing risks that attract activist investors -such as executive pay and budgets.

Shareholder uprising

Following the adoption of the remuneration reporting regime Edward Craft reports on the struggle by large companies to get the 2016 annual report on remuneration approved by shareholders.

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