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Community webinars

Event Date Recording
Future of heating
Experts from Catapult, Kensa and Enerdrape will discuss opportunities and challenges this sector faces.
7 February 2024 Listen again
Financing Hydrogen – exploring the challenges and opportunities in Hydrogen
Explore where hydrogen sits in the world today and how companies are implementing it on the ground within a commercial perspective as well as an industrial side.
10 November 2023
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Energy Markets and Prices
This webinar will focus on business and the national picture within the energy market.
26 June 2023 Listen again
Emerging technologies in the Energy Sector
In this webinar we will explore three very different solutions to see at what stage of technological development they are by using the technological readiness level (TRL). We will then see how their target markets are evolving.
23 May 2023
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The energy crisis – what can businesses do?
On the latest ICAEW Insights podcast, we discuss the impact of the energy crisis on how businesses are sourcing their energy as well as planning for the longer term.
31 October 2022 Listen again
What are the greatest opportunities in a net zero economy?
In this webinar, learn about the transition to net zero, scenarios in a future net zero economy and join in with a discussion on the biggest challenges and opportunities these present.
24 October 2022
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Energy Markets and Prices
Understand what has changed and why markets and prices have changed in Oil & Gas, Electricity, and supply.
14 July 2022
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The future of energy and electricity supply in Europe as a result of the war in Ukraine
The Ukraine crisis will have a fundamental impact on Europe’s Energy Sector. There is a desire to eliminate dependency on Russian Oil, Gas & Coal. However, there are fundamental constraints on what can be done in the short term.
9 May 2022
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Other webinars

Event Date Recording
ICAEW Climate Summit 2023
Explore challenges faced by IPs when dealing with energy supplier insolvencies.
13-17 November 2023
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Energy supplier insolvencies
Explore challenges faced by IPs when dealing with energy supplier insolvencies.
14 March 2022
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