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Energy & Natural Resources Community events and training

Upcoming events, webinars and training for Energy & Natural Resources Community members.

Community events and webinars

Date Event Description More info
13 December 2021
Practical solutions for the delivery of Net Zero carbon targets

Whilst the case for Net Zero is clear, and the targets are now well defined, many are still grappling with the ‘how’ of delivery. This webinar offers the practically focused perspectives of HS1, a large user of energy with a 2030 net zero target, and Thrive Renewables, a UK pioneer in the development of and investment in renewable energy projects. Both will share their progress, achievements, opportunities and challenges in their journeys so far.

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Other events and webinars

Date Event Description More info
30 November 2021
ICAEW Scotland BCM Q4 – 30 November, Innovation and transition in the energy sector

Explore the latest ICAEW Business Confidence Monitor findings with our local experts and industry insiders and get the real insights into the issues surrounding business confidence in Scotland (and beyond).

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13 December - 16 December 2021 Information for Better Markets conference

The event is being held online as a series of daily lectures Exploring areas of financial reporting which, for one reason or another, have been put in the ‘too difficult’ box, the event also asks what the next big accounting issues might be. The four sessions will look at the following topics:

  • Why do accounting issues end up in the ‘too difficult’ box?
  • Insurance: in or out of the ‘too difficult’ box?
  • Does every accounting issue need a solution?
  • The ‘too difficult’ box: the next big accounting issue?

Each session is led by an expert academic and includes a practitioner response and an opportunity to ask questions. This year’s academic speakers include Mary Barth and Katherine Schipper and Hans Hoogervorst will also be speaking.

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