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Healthcare Community webinars and recordings

Webinars and other recordings for Healthcare Community members.

The information in these webinars reflects the understanding of ICAEW at the time of recording but things may have changed since that time. You should consult the latest guidance alongside a viewing of these on-demand webinars.

Community webinars

Event Date Recording
Primary Care Networks: updates and issues
A look at key issues facing advisers working with Primary Care Networks.
27 October 2022
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NHS pensions changes – what you need to know!
Join ICAEW and industry professionals Ross Mathieson and Laurence Brown as we provide an update on the recent changes to the NHS pension scheme.
19 July 2022
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Dental update: Changes in the industry you need to be aware of
Join ICAEW and industry professionals John Grant, Director, Goodman Grant Solicitors and Aaron Ferguson, Director, Berg & Williams as they provide an update on the dental industry. They will also delve into more specific aspects such as the legal aspects of principal and associate relationship (and highlighting cases of significance such as Hughes v Rattan) and changes in the tax landscape.
30 June 2022
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Virtual Healthcare Conference 2022
ICAEW's annual Healthcare Conference provides finance professionals working in this specialist area with expert insight and knowledge.
4 May 2022
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Primary Care Networks: current issues
PCNs have been around for only a short while and form a key building block of the NHS long-term plan. Increased funding means they are rapidly evolving. Join us for this webinar to get up-to-date on the current issues facing advisers.
7 December 2021 Listen again
Social Care Funding: A conundrum?
The social care system needs reform and resources to tackle the challenges facing the sector. This webinar discusses the complicated adult care structure, shortcomings highlight by the pandemic and much more.
29 November 2021 Listen again
Final Pay Controls – are you aware of the changes?
This webinar looks at the rules, why they were introduced and more importantly how to identify who may be caught, together with a look at the proposed changes to the scheme regulations 2021 aimed at reducing instances where these charges will be levied.
19 July 2021 Listen again
GP Pensions administration using PCSE Online
In this on-demand webinar PCSE provided a demonstration of the latest functionality in PCSE Online, which allows the processing by practices of Type 1 and Type 2 certificates, joiners and leavers, Annual Estimates and Locum administration.
14 May 2021 Listen again
Virtual Healthcare Conference 2021
We are delighted to bring you the Healthcare Conference 2021 which you can now watch on-demand, providing finance professionals working in this specialist area with insights, flexibility and convenience.
6 May 2021  Listen again
COVID-19: A scientific perspective - looking to the future
In this webinar, Professor Peter Piot and Hitesh Patel will take stock of where we are with the pandemic and discuss what the future might hold.
11 February 2021 Listen again
Coronavirus and the Dental Industry: An update
This webinar explored a number of issues that the dental industry faces including the direct effect that COVID-19 has had on Goodwill values and commercial property.
24 November 2020  Listen again
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Virtual Healthcare Conference 2020
Our first Virtual Healthcare Conference: Transforming Healthcare.
30 July 2020 Listen again
COVID-19 impact on the Healthcare sector
Mark Skellum and Tom Slevin provide a sector update and explore the latest issues surrounding COVID-19 and the healthcare sector.
19 May 2020 Listen again
GP Partnership Agreements – a recap
This webinar covers key areas such as property, dealing with non-property owners and when leases are (and aren't) needed. We will also look at how to deal with joiners and leavers, and the last man standing issue. There is also a look at risk areas, plus the opportunity to ask questions.
6 December 2019 Listen again
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Care Homes – mergers and acquisitions
During this webinar you will hear from four speakers with different experiences of Care Home M&A, including an FD ‘on-the-ground’, a solicitor and a lender. Our speakers shared stories of when transactions have and have not gone quite to plan and how you can learn from the mistakes of others.
1 April 2019 Listen again
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Partnership Agreements
Listen to industry expert Oliver Pool look at the content of a well drafted agreement and the importance of having a partnership agreement in place.
8 March 2018 Listen again
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