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Most GP practices don't need to register with TRS - but some should do

GP practices and those acting for them will have noticed emails warning about the need to register with the new Trusts Registration Service (TRS).

NHS pension scheme consultation response

A response from the Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) relating to a consultation process.

Additional information being requested by banks and lenders

As GP practice accountants we have always been asked to provide certain confirmation details to banks and lenders. Until recently this has typically involved completing a lender’s Accountant’s Certificate which confirms an individual’s income details, or simply sending copies of the last three years’ ‘SA302’s’ (the tax calculation that accompanies a personal tax return).

current gp practice topical accounting matters

Greater funding into PCN's means that a number of issues need to be considered when advising clients.

2019-20 NHS pensions annual allowance charge compensation form

The application form for the 2019-20 Pension Annual Allowance Charge Compensation Policy for GP’s must be endorsed by the PCSE before it can be processed by the NHS Business Services Authority.

GP pay transparency and proposed SA changes

There have been a couple of important documents released in the last few weeks, which will have an impact on healthcare clients and in particular those in general practice.

Seniority and Partnership Premium Scheme in Wales

The Partnership Premium Scheme was introduced within the GMS Contract in Wales on 1 October 2019.

Have your dental primary care clients claimed their Welsh NHS bonus?

In March 2021, the Welsh Government announced a one-off bonus payment of £735 as a thank you for health and social care workers.

The financial implications of practice mergers

With ever changing pressures on Primary Care both from patient demand, GP and staff recruitment , and Government requirements many practices continue to contemplate a merger.

HMRC amend ESM4030, Employment Status Manual for dentists

HM Revenue and Customs have recently announced that, effective April 2023, they will remove reference to the model British Dental Association (BDA) or Dental Practitioners Association (DPA) contract in ESM4030.

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