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Manufacturing Community webinars and recordings

Webinars and other recordings for Manufacturing Community members.

The information in these webinars reflects the understanding of ICAEW at the time of recording but things may have changed since that time. You should consult the latest guidance alongside a viewing of these on-demand webinars.

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Community webinars

Event Date Recording
VAT changes in Europe
This webinar, in partnership with MHA MacIntyre Hudson, discusses the VAT changes in Europe and what this will mean for UK businesses, alongside how to deal with the changes impacted by Brexit.
10 December 2020  Listen again
Making digital manufacturing on a shoestring work
Discover digital solutions that are easily integrated into existing processes, are low risk and low cost and will help you thrive in this chaotic time.
17 November 2020 Listen again
Survive, Thrive or Exit - strategic objectives and financing options
The Covid-19 crisis has presented many challenges but also an array of unique opportunities. As we move into the next phase of recovery, this event will discuss the strategic objectives most commonly being considered by business leaders today and options available to fund them.
22 October 2020 Listen again
Supply Chain Assurance in the Retail Sector
Abigail Harper talks through a risk-based approach to providing supply chain assurance within the retail sector.
20 October 2020 Listen again
Climate Change: what's next for manufacturing?
The UK has set a target to be 'net zero' for carbon emissions by 2050. Manufacturers will be expected to play their part in tackling climate change. What does this mean and how can the sector commit to the net zero expectation?
June 2020 Listen again
Manufacturing post Covid-19: Getting your business back on a new and safe track
This practical, bite sized webinar will help identify the key steps you need to take to stabilise your manufacturing business and plan for a 'new normal' way of operating.
May 2020 Listen again
Surviving the lockdown: Covid-19 funding support
This practical, bite sized webinar will help you find your way through the maze of COVID-19 funding options currently available to manufacturing businesses.
April 2020 Listen again
IFRS 16 in the Manufacturing Sector
Learn how IFRS 16 leases work in manufacturing.
January 2020 Listen again

DIT webinars

Event Date Recording
This webinar is aimed at manufacturers of aerospace goods and providers of aerospace services, including aftermarket and maintenance, repair and overhaul services.
29 October 2020
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Life sciences
This webinar is aimed at those who run or own life sciences business, including manufacturers and suppliers of medicines, medical devices, and their supply chain businesses; and business providing contract research and manufacturing services to pharma and medtech sectors.
27 October 2020
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Consumer goods
This webinar is aimed at those who run or own consumer goods businesses, including manufacturing and retail supply chain businesses (excluding food products).
22 October 2020
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Electronics and machinery
This webinar is aimed at those who run or own businesses operating in electronics, electrical goods, and machinery and component manufacturers. This may include: Manufacturing businesses; Supply chain companies; Machinery maintenance and service companies; UK distributors.
21 October 2020
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Metals and other material
This webinar is aimed at those who run or own manufacturers and other supply chain companies that operate in the metals, ceramics, glass, paper, print and other materials focused industries.
20 October 2020
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This webinar is aimed at those who run or own businesses in the automotive sector.
14 October 2020 Listen again
This introductory webinar is aimed at all businesses that manufacture and/or trade and import chemicals and chemical products, from cleaning products through to paints.
October 2020
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Changes to Intellectual Property from January 2021
This webinar is aimed at wholesale businesses who trade with the EU or whose supply chain rely on sourcing goods from the EU such as automotive, retail and FMCG, and businesses who rely on designs or who have trade marks covering their brands and products and operate within the EU.
October 2020
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Other webinars

Event Date Recording
Resilience First Webinar - Helping small businesses recover post Covid-19
Facebook and Resilience First work together to produce a UK version of the small business resilience guide.
September 2020 Listen again