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Manufacturing Community webinars and recordings

Webinars and other recordings for Manufacturing Community members.

The information in these webinars reflects the understanding of ICAEW at the time of recording but things may have changed since that time. You should consult the latest guidance alongside a viewing of these on-demand webinars.

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Community webinars

Event Date Recording
How manufacturers can use Customs and VAT procedures to survive and flourish in a post-Brexit world
This webinar, in partnership with MHA, will provide scenarios that show how UK businesses can use the UK/EU Trade Agreement’s facilitations to minimise the impact of customs duties. Hear more on Rules of Origin, what UK business should have as evidence and how Freeports could be an option to facilitate trade and reduce customs obligations and duties.
4 July 2022
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Navigating your business in an inflationary world
Inflation brings with it additional and new pressures that can add even more burdens on businesses that are struggling post-Covid. Join our webinar to take part in the debate around the steps businesses can take now that will help them through the turbulent years ahead.
23 June 2022 Listen again
Reaching net zero in manufacturing – how to meet and measure targets
Find out about reporting and data sharing requirements for manufacturing businesses and then consider how manufacturers can make improvements to meet net zero targets.
27 April 2022
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Sustainability in practice: making money out of manufacturing waste profit
Tune in to learn about the practical transformation that took place at AB Sugar. Find out how the company identified potential revenue streams in waste and successfully commercialised downstream products. Hear how they squeeze every last penny out of the sugar making process to make products including animal feed and top-soil. How they extract energy from beet pulp to power thousands of homes. How they harness excess CO2 for horticulture to grow tomatoes and set up the largest medicinal cannabis factory in the world.
14 October 2021
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Grants, funding and R&D tax credits: are you aware of the support available?
Business funding IS available but tracking it down and understanding the criteria and application process can be complicated and time consuming. This webinar aims to demystify the process and help you gain a better understanding of the support on offer to stimulate growth and innovation.
16 September 2021
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Hot Financial Reporting Topics in Manufacturing
Explore the latest issues in Financial Reporting, looking at the ongoing impact of Covid-19 on businesses reporting requirements, issues such as Going Concern and Impairment through our webinar in partnership with Vivek Mehan FCA.
22 June 2021
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Commercial rent arrears – how landlords and tenants can work together to find a solution
A practical webinar giving guidance for commercial landlords and tenants on rent arrears recovery, lease negotiation strategies and restructuring rental payments for companies in financial distress.
25 May 2021 Listen again
Financial Controllers' Conference - Business Spotlight: Leadership in Adversity
The Business Spotlights panel focused on how senior finance professionals, and their businesses, have managed and overcome adversity during the past 12 months. Hear from George Acquah from Rolls Royce and Claire Edginton from Oliver Bonas on retail.
18 May 2021
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Manufacturing: driving efficiencies in energy and materials
Reach net zero ambitions in manufacturing through driving efficiencies in energy and materials.
22 April 2021
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VAT changes in Europe
This webinar, in partnership with MHA MacIntyre Hudson, discusses the VAT changes in Europe and what this will mean for UK businesses, alongside how to deal with the changes impacted by Brexit.
10 December 2020  Listen again
Making digital manufacturing on a shoestring work
Discover digital solutions that are easily integrated into existing processes, are low risk and low cost and will help you thrive in this chaotic time.
17 November 2020 Listen again
Survive, Thrive or Exit - strategic objectives and financing options
The Covid-19 crisis has presented many challenges but also an array of unique opportunities. As we move into the next phase of recovery, this event will discuss the strategic objectives most commonly being considered by business leaders today and options available to fund them.
22 October 2020 Listen again
Supply Chain Assurance in the Retail Sector
Abigail Harper talks through a risk-based approach to providing supply chain assurance within the retail sector.
20 October 2020 Listen again
Climate Change: what's next for manufacturing?
The UK has set a target to be 'net zero' for carbon emissions by 2050. Manufacturers will be expected to play their part in tackling climate change. What does this mean and how can the sector commit to the net zero expectation?
June 2020 Listen again
Manufacturing post Covid-19: Getting your business back on a new and safe track
This practical, bite sized webinar will help identify the key steps you need to take to stabilise your manufacturing business and plan for a 'new normal' way of operating.
May 2020 Listen again
Surviving the lockdown: Covid-19 funding support
This practical, bite sized webinar will help you find your way through the maze of COVID-19 funding options currently available to manufacturing businesses.
April 2020 Listen again
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Other webinars

Event Date Recording
Demystifying export support and funding available from the Department for International Trade
Tune into this recorded webinar to gain a better understanding of the support on offer from the Department of International Trade (DIT) for UK exporters. Aimed at small and medium sized companies this webinar aims to demystify what the UK’s Export Strategy means for business and the practical support on offer.
13 April 2022
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Introducing the Climate-related Financial Disclosure Regulations
Effective from 6 April 2022, The Companies (Strategic Report) (Climate-related Financial Disclosure) Regulations 2022 require certain UK companies and LLPs to report climate-related information within their strategic report. This webinar explains who’s in scope of the new requirements, what information is required to be disclosed and where to find further guidance.
10 March 2022
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Practical tips for securing that elusive NED role
Following on from our webinar that looked at the variety of Non-Executive Director (NED) roles available for accountants, this latest offering from ICAEW will count through the steps that accountants need to take in preparation for securing that elusive NED position. Getting a NED role isn’t straightforward. There is tough competition out there and surveys have shown that the great majority of positions may never be widely advertised. The mindset and preparation required to be a successful NED is very different from job hunting and requires an organised approach.
1 February 2022
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Plastic Packaging Taxes – no time to waste
A brand-new tax on plastic packaging will be introduced in the UK with effect from 1 April 2022. The aim of the tax is to incentivise the use of recycled material in the production of plastic packaging. Any packaging that does not contain at least 30% recycled materials is likely to be taxable. Our expert speakers will share their understanding of the new tax and implications on business.
11 January 2022
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New trade routes: top tips for exporting to China
Thinking of exporting products or services to new markets such as China? Join our webinar to find out how.
23 September 2021
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Go Start-Ups! Get new businesses off the ground
30 minutes to advise start-up clients on how to fund their new business in a post pandemic era – in conversation with the British Business Bank.
21 September 2021
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Job hunting in a competitive market
Learn all there is to know about getting the right job for you in 2021.
11 May 2021
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Post-Brexit exporting: practical tales from the front
Hear the real-life practicalities of moving goods across border, MHA McIntyre Hudson on accounting for them and Ian Macleod Distilleries on their experiences of actually doing it.
12 February 2021
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Resilience First Webinar - Helping small businesses recover post Covid-19
Facebook and Resilience First work together to produce a UK version of the small business resilience guide.
September 2020 Listen again