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Why businesses need to plan ahead on energy

ICAEW Insights 30-11-2022

Government support schemes are currently offering some respite to the stress of rising energy bills for business. But now is the time to plan ahead for when they come to an end.

Cyber threats to the manufacturing industry

Tim Robinson from Crowe shares his thoughts on cyber risks facing businesses and some simple strategies manufacturing businesses can take to build cyber resilience.

Emily Smith, Chair of ICAEW’s Manufacturing Community advisory group celebrates her first year in post

It is fast approaching my first anniversary as Chair of the Manufacturing Community advisory group and I am delighted to tell you more about the group, share some insights and tell you about the work we have been doing.

Embrace instability and look for business opportunities

Nick Tiley, Founder and Director, Cambridge Financial Direction Ltd, shares some insights on how businesses can look to the positives and embrace the opportunities that the current economic instability offers.

How to assess the risks within your supply chains

ICAEW Insights 11-10-2022

Advances in digitisation are great for businesses, but they’re also helping organisations to review their supply chains and identify the potential risks from cyber attacks.

The impact of late payments on small businesses

ICAEW Insights 10-10-2022

New research shows that half of invoices issued by small businesses are paid late. Could stricter penalties and more transparency in regulation and reporting make a difference?

How to deal with global volatility

ICAEW Insights 28-09-2022

EY Chief Economist Peter Arnold talks through the factors creating volatility and uncertainty in the global economy and offers advice on how businesses should respond.

View from the top: Emily Smith

ICAEW Insights 28-09-2022

At just 33, Emily Smith is managing director and finance director of two successful manufacturing firms, as well as Chair of the ICAEW Manufacturing Community. She tells us about her career journey so far.

Growth Plan 2022: investment zones

ICAEW 27-09-2022

The government announced that it will introduce investment zones across the UK as part of its plan for growth. Investment zones will benefit from tax incentives, planning liberalisation and wider support for the local economy.

ICAEW calls for refocusing of R&D tax relief changes

ICAEW 20-09-2022

In its response to the draft Finance Bill clauses published on 20 July 2022, ICAEW has highlighted those measures that it believes will inhibit R&D activity and therefore growth in the UK.

Energy supplier collapses highlight bigger sector crisis

ICAEW Insights 22-08-2022

The explosion of wholesale energy prices since the middle of last year has resulted in 29 energy companies failing. What has the experience taught us about the regulatory structure and insolvency process?

The accountant keeping firms on the right side of the law

ICAEW Insights 19-08-2022

Five years working on the Robert Maxwell insolvency, an inquiry into payments transfers in the Premier League, and running KPMG’s forensic business in Russia have served Nigel Layton well, as he helps clients navigate complex supply chain due diligence.

PwC examines accountants’ role as inflation soars

ICAEW Insights 05-08-2022

Using ICAEW inflation data, PwC UK Senior Economist Barret Kupelian assesses influential factors contributing to historically high inflation and explores what this means for businesses and the role of accountants.

Sanctions evolution may cause inadvertent breaches

ICAEW Insights 01-08-2022

The ongoing evolution of sanctions across multiple jurisdictions and the complexity of global supply chains mean that organisations could unwittingly find themselves in breach of sanctions rules.

Government urged to replace Recovery Loan Scheme

ICAEW Insights 14-07-2022

Access to finance is needed as economic factors including growing inflation, rising fuel and raw materials costs, and wage inflation are in danger of pushing many businesses to breaking point.

Mazars: deflation is dependent on multiple global economies

ICAEW Insights 12-07-2022

From ending war to kickstarting manufacturing, George Lagarias, Chief Economist at Mazars, examines how global markets have dealt with inflation during the 20th century, adding what we can learn from their experience.

What makes a good modern slavery statement?

ICAEW Insights 11-07-2022

Modern slavery is still all too common in the UK, with 10,613 potential victims identified in 2020. The modern slavery statement is designed to improve transparency and vigilance within businesses and their supply chains.

RSM: inflation spike harks back to post-war peak

ICAEW Insights 08-07-2022

ICAEW’s graphic highlights similarities between post-pandemic and post-Second World War inflation. Experts from RSM explain what businesses should be doing to mitigate the effects.

EY: inflation inevitable after the pandemic

ICAEW Insights 07-07-2022

Using ICAEW inflation data, EY UK Chief Economist Peter Arnold assesses key drivers behind rising inflation over the past seven decades and predicts how this current wave of high inflation looks set to pan out.

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