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Reaction to Budget

The Chancellor went into this Budget with the seemingly impossible task of tackling the contradictions of today’s politics. ICAEW's Ross Campbell takes a look and asks, 'did he succeed?'

A new chapter for local public audit

Back in August 2010, Eric Pickles announced government’s intention to abolish the Audit Commission and give powers to local public bodies to appoint their own auditors.

Opportunities for ICAEW

With ICAEW now planning to take on a greater role as a Recognised Supervisory Body (RSB) for local public audit, as well as receiving a positive welcome for its work on “A CFO at the Cabinet Table” what else might it do to help public sector financial management?

More at stake than has been acknowledged

The year at Westminster ended much as it began, with both major parties struggling to convince a sceptical electorate that they have the capacity to win a majority in 2015.

Leaders vital in challenging times

The role of the Public Accounts Committee has recently been called into question. Is it going too far in seeking to hold senior civil servants to account for their decisions over the use of taxpayer’s money?

Public complaints system 'failing'

A systemic failure in the way Government departments and agencies deal with complaints from the public is wasting huge amounts of taxpayers' money, the parliamentary ombudsman has disclosed.

ICAEW welcomes debate

The Fiscal Responsibility Bill, which sets targets for the Government to cut its deficit, received Royal Assent on 10 February. The ICAEW welcomes the Fiscal Responsibility Bill as a sign that the Government recognises the importance of tackling the exceptionally high rate of public borrowing in the UK.

Comprehensive spending review?

Sumita Shah considers whether the spending review is enough in this current environment with the public sector net debt figure rising.

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