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Explore nature and biodiversity

Environmental degradation and biodiversity loss are fast rising to the top of the business agenda. Are you ready to embed nature into your risk management, strategy and reporting? Find inspiration, information and resources below.
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Here are the world’s TNFD early adopters

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  • 26 Jan 2024
At the World Economic Forum in Davos, 320 organisations from more than 46 countries were unveiled as ‘early adopters’ of the TNFD’s recommendations for nature-related.
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Why nature matters to businesses

All businesses depend on nature, but nature is deteriorating rapidly on a global scale. This poses growing physical risks to businesses, capital providers and the wider finance system that cannot be ignored. As international efforts to reverse nature loss gain momentum, transition risks to businesses are also multiplying, through changing regulation, investor expectations, consumer choices, technology, markets and litigation risk.

Business as usual is not an option, yet few companies and capital providers are prepared. Accounting and finance professionals can play a key role in equipping the businesses they advise and lead.

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Business, finance and the resilience of nature

TNFD Co-Chairs, Elizabeth Maruma Mrema and David Craig are joined by international leaders to explain how the prosperity of societies and the profits of business depend on the health and resilience of nature.

dasriver 23 Jul 2021
The income statement must speak to nature

A modified version of the value-added income statement that includes a provision for nature would play a key role in protecting biodiversity

Investor Response 15 Jul 2021
Bees, butterflies and billions of dollars – What investors make of biodiversity loss

The Dasgupta Review clearly linked economic success to biodiversity. Large investors are starting to respond to the risks and opportunities of this relationship.

Embedding nature into business decision-making

With nature risks rising, and opportunities ahead for those that embrace a nature positive transition, business and finance institutions can't afford to ignore nature. The thriving and resilient businesses of tomorrow will be the ones that take steps today to embed nature into decision making and drive action across their operations and value chain.

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Getting started: how to develop your nature strategy

Understanding your nature-related risks and navigating a pathway to a resilient business model can be an undertaking, but you can break it into simpler steps.

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Making COP count: From farm to financial statement

Lancaster University and meat processors Lake District Farmers are seeking to equip local farms with evidence that regenerative practices benefit both nature and the bottom line.

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Tech won't save the world – nature will

The simplest of tools can have the greatest impact, believes the team behind the Deshkan Ziibi Conservation Impact Bond, winner of a Finance for the Future Climate Leadership Award.

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Making COP count

Through a range of practical content and case studies, this content series looks at the role the accountancy profession can and should play in addressing the climate crisis, and ensuring that any action also restores the earth’s ecosystem and is socially just.
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Nature-related reporting and disclosure

Regulations and standards around nature are rapidly evolving, bringing new requirements for businesses and financial institutions to report on their nature-related issues, alongside climate. As the threats to our natural world intensify, accurate and transparent reporting and disclosure to drive change will become increasingly important to stay ahead and meet stakeholder expectations.

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Adopting the TNFD framework needn't be a challenge

Getting started on the journey towards reporting on nature issues may be easier than you think – incorporating it into climate disclosures could be the first step.

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Nature disclosures 'will become the norm'

The final TNFD recommendations were launched at New York Climate Week. Toby Roxburgh, ICAEW’s Sustainability Manager, Nature and Biodiversity, explains what this means and why it matters.

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The TNFD explained: The building blocks of business and finance

Business, finance and society 100% dependent on natures four realms. They are the building blocks of our global economy. Find out how TNFD can help businesses get started.

Policy and regulation

Nature-related policies and regulations are rapidly evolving in response to the nature crisis, helping to create the enabling conditions for businesses and finance institutions to take action towards a nature positive future. At ICAEW, we actively work to help drive, support and engage with governments to facilitate this transition.

As governments and international bodies continue to enhance environmental legislation, it is imperative for businesses to stay vigilant and adapt.

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Climate change is the biggest risk to your business

ICAEW is running a series in the lead-up to COP28, highlighting what needs to happen to ensure a socially just transition to net zero that also delivers for nature and society. Richard Spencer, ICAEW Director of Sustainability, explains why this is a business-critical issue.

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ICAEW joins global fight against nature loss

Chief executives from 10 of the world's leading accountancy institutes, including ICAEW and ICAS, have joined together to urge profession-wide commitment to reverse nature loss.

Sustainable cycle to work 01 Jun 2016
Sustainable Development Goals

ICAEW's hub on the UN Sustainable Development Goals, offering an explanation of the Goals, along with inspiration and tools to contribute towards them.