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VAT - videos and webinars

Videos and webinars from ICAEW on VAT within the UK tax regime.

New E-Commerce VAT regimes in the EU and UK


From 1 July 2021, the existing Mini One Stop Shop (MOSS) scheme transitions to a new framework. This is the 2021 EU e-commerce VAT package. This webinar will provide an explanation of the new EU -ecommerce VAT regime.

Construction Industry Scheme VAT reverse charge


In this webinar, Neil Warren, Independent VAT speaker, author and consultant explains the new rules on VAT domestic reverse charge for construction services and how it will affect your clients.

VAT tips for your SME business clients

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In this webinar Neil Warren VAT speaker, author and consultant, provides practical VAT saving tips.

VAT changes in Europe


This webinar runs through post-Brexit VAT changes for overseas sellers exporting to Europe.

An exporters guide to brexit


This webinar, in partnership with MHA delivers insights into various types of export supply chain scenarios and highlights areas that UK businesses must consider as part of their Brexit planning to avoid unnecessary delays or compliance failures

Tax Round-up 2020

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This webinar from the Tax Faculty provides a round up of all the measures that are under review and subject to consultation, and how the faculty will be responding.

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