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Articles and features on data analytics.

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Why accountants can help schools navigate choppy waters

As pupils return to school, school governing boards are taking stock of the challenges they have faced in the wake of the pandemic and begin to look ahead to the new academic year. How can finance professionals get involved in helping schools navigate these choppy strategic seas – and what are the benefits of volunteering in education?

Making the most of tech and data for improved audits

Audit firms of all shapes and sizes are using technology to support continuous improvements in audit quality and efficiency and provide new insights.

One-step data shop for small cap investment

Setting up MarktoMarket five years ago was a bold decision for its CEO Doug Lawson and his co-founder Martin Clarke. But Lawson tells Marc Mullen how filling that big data gap in the small-cap segment of the market is proving invaluable for advisers

The tech challenges and opportunities for audit

ICAEW Insights

While methodologies for audit remain the same, software has evolved fast. On the path towards a more technologically advanced process, audit needs to adapt to take a more detailed analytical approach.

Using tech to enhance audit

ICAEW Insights

The rate of technology adoption has accelerated during and post-pandemic as firms have engaged with new ways of working. How are these ever-changing tools reshaping audit?

Excel Tips and Tricks #448 – A Distinct Count Conundrum

Hello all and welcome back to Excel Tips and Tricks! For this tip, we have a Creator post looking at the challenges around generating distinct counts by category and correctly calculating these as a percentage of the total population. This tip is based on a genuine scenario encountered when trying to produce some MI in relation to audit clients.

Power Query TARDIS webinar - the aftermath

This post covers the questions asked during the recent community webinar: Power Query - the Excel TARDIS (Totally Avoid Running out of Dimensions In Spreadsheets) and includes a link to the webinar recording.

Better use of excel

Kit Kerr offers pointers towards Excel spreadsheet functionality useful to auditors, including formula auditing, the Data Analysis ToolPak, Get & Transform and data validation.

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