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Articles and features on data analytics.

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Using audit technology to address fraud

ICAEW Insights

In anticipation of long-awaited government proposals to reform audit and corporate governance, auditors are adopting new technologies to help detect and prevent fraud.

Insurance for Volunteers

Kristina Kopic January 2023

Please note that the management liability insurance previously provided by the Community ended 31 December 2022.

ChatGPT: opportunity and risk for the profession

ICAEW Insights

OpenAI’s ChatGPT can answer questions to an impressive level of detail, but it needs work to address some significant issues before it could prove useful in audit and accountancy.

Improving the quality of sustainability data

ICAEW Insights

The Open Data Institute has been working on sharing best practice in order to improve sustainability data. Getting consistency and quality out of that data still poses a challenge.

Head in the clouds: cyber risks and data protection

ICAEW Insights

There is a common misconception that in moving to cloud-based systems, your technology environment is less secure. ICAEW’s Head of Data Analytics and Tech, Ian Pay, explores why this isn’t necessarily the case.

Facing the challenge of tech transformation

ICAEW Insights

Finance teams must embrace finance transformation or face becoming obsolete, warns former Microsoft Finance Director Oliver Deacon. He shares his vision of the technologies that will shape the jobs of tomorrow.

Why accountants can help schools navigate choppy waters

Susan Roberts Volunteering Community Newsletter September 2022

As pupils return to school, school governing boards are taking stock of the challenges they have faced in the wake of the pandemic and begin to look ahead to the new academic year. How can finance professionals get involved in helping schools navigate these choppy strategic seas – and what are the benefits of volunteering in education?

Making the most of tech and data for improved audits

Audit firms of all shapes and sizes are using technology to support continuous improvements in audit quality and efficiency and provide new insights.

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