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Data analytics articles and features

Articles and features on data analytics.

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Data analysis: finance professionals must ask the right questions

ICAEW Insights

Data offers huge business opportunities and boards, funders and creditors increasingly expect data analysis to underpin decisions, but financial controllers must grasp the challenges surrounding data integrity, trust in data and ethics to capitalise on its potential, an expert is warning.

Excel Community project – rescuing the lost archive – part 4

In October 2020, the web platform used for Tech News and the Excel Community was changed. Although there are many clear advantages of the new platform, one downside is the splitting of the content for both communities between current articles and the very extensive archive of articles built up over many years. The faculty team have sought to alleviate the problems by providing a tabular index to over 2,000 archive articles.

When data meets society: managing data ethically

ICAEW Insights

Writing for the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries, ICAEW’s Head of Financial Services Philippa Kelly explores how the COVID-19 pandemic and Black Lives Matter movement have brought issues with our relationships to financial services and data into sharp relief.

Exploring charts (graphs) in Excel - Part 6: enhancing bar charts – creating funnel and tornado charts

In Blog 5 we explored how to create Column and Bar charts, in this Blog we will continue using these to create Funnel and Tornado charts. From 2016 onwards there is a Funnel chart option within Excel, but this only displays one set of data with bars that are of equal length either side of the centre (equivalent to centring the bars on a chart rather than left justifying them). For two sets of data with differing sized bars either side of the centre we must use the traditional method of a stacked bar chart.

When AI can fall foul of bias

How to safeguard your programs from bias

Python data and successful coding

Python is the computer language of choice for accountants. Kirstin Gillon explores its data-handling and statistical capabilities, and Rick Payne describes learning to code.

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