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Excel Community round up - June 2022

Author: Ian Pay

Published: 08 Jul 2022

Here are all the new Excel articles and webinars from the Excel Community in June 2022. Posts marked as public can be accessed by anyone; other articles are accessible to Excel Community subscribers and can be accessed by logging in to your ICAEW account.


You can find our archive of all previous webinars here, many of which remain exclusive to Excel Community members.

Power Query - the Excel TARDIS (Totally Avoid Running out of Dimensions In Spreadsheets)

Simon Hurst provides an overview of the Power Query editor and how it can be used to consolidate workbooks and worksheets to create a single view across multiple dimensions, as well as opening opportunities to use Power BI to visualise the data. Link includes webinar and example workbooks, with additional Q&A article.

We have a number of further webinars planned for the rest of the year– check our list of upcoming webinars or refer to the latest newsletter.

Excel Tips and Tricks

Excel Tips and Tricks #445 – Filter/Sheet Views 

If two or more people are working on a spreadsheet at the same time, filtering can be a headache. This tip looks at the solution – Filter (or Sheet) Views. Covers both Excel and Google Sheets functionality.

Excel Tips and Tricks #446 – Desktop vs Online 

Ever wondered what’s actually different between the Desktop and Online versions of Excel? We’ve done the digging so you don’t have to… 

Excel Tips and Tricks #447 – Rounding Errors Revisited (public)

Refreshing our examination of why Excel struggles to represent 0.1 accurately, and what you can do about it. 

Other blogs 

How to review a spreadsheet part 2 

The second in our series exploring our 2021 publication ‘How to Review a Spreadsheet’, John Tennent looks at the importance of data validation.

New tech features for March-May 2022 (public) 

Microsoft MVP David Benaim provides a round-up of the latest new features across Microsoft 365, Google Workspace and Zoom. Learn about Loop, defragment your conditional formatting and go pageless in Google Docs. 

Working with Power Query part 3 

Explore calculated columns in Power Query, through the use of some straightforward date functions.

Excel how to: speed up entering formulae – Dynamic Arrays

The latest in the ‘how to’ series looks at the way dynamic arrays can be used to populate multiple cells, speeding up the creation of formulae and also enabling an Excel formula to do more than would previously have been possible. 

Last Orders 

In a further exploration of Dynamic Arrays, Microsoft MVP Liam Bastick looks at a use case based around identifying the last 5 orders from any customer in an orders listing.

Archive and Knowledge Base

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