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Excel Community round up - January 2023


Published: 08 Feb 2023

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Here are all the new Excel blogs and webinars from the Excel Community in January 2023.


You can find our archive of all previous webinars here, many of which remain exclusive to Excel Community members.

Excel Tips and Tricks Live – your questions answered

Join our experts as they tackle your Excel questions, quandaries and more.

We are now continuing to plan the webinar series for 2023 – check our list of upcoming webinars or refer to the latest newsletter.  

Excel Tips and Tricks

Excel Tips & Tricks #464 – refreshing keyboard shortcuts

Taking a look at keyboard shortcuts that will improve your experience of using Excel.

Excel Tips & Tricks #465 – using #N/A in charts redux

How to make use of the #N/A error to help customize charts. This was previously covered in Tip #297.

Other blogs 

Your 2023 Excel Community

We’re delighted to welcome all of our members – new and old alike – to our bigger, better Excel Community for 2023.

Excel Community round up – December 2022

All the new Excel blogs and webinars from the Excel Community in December 2022.

Welcome to the Excel Community: Twenty principles for good spreadsheet practice

Simon Hurst introduces this, and other key publications, to members who have recently joined the Excel Community.

Using Power BI bookmarks to highlight report content

We’ve added a bookmark navigator to our Power BI archive article portal. This will allow the display of the list of articles relevant to a publication with a single click.

Lookout for VLOOKUP and HLOOKUP

Do you realise it’s very easy to make a mistake with these functions? Liam Bastick explains.

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