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Excel Community round up - December 2022


Published: 04 Jan 2023

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All the new Excel blogs and webinars from the Excel Community in December 2022.


You can find our archive of all previous webinars here, available to ICAEW members and members of the Excel Community.

Excel vs Google Sheets: the battle of the spreadsheets

Covering a range of themes including core formulae, collaboration, visualisations and advanced functionality.

We are now planning the webinar series for 2023 – check our list of upcoming webinars or refer to the latest newsletter.    

Excel Tips and Tricks

Excel Tips & Tricks #462 – New text manipulation functions – TEXTBEFORE and TEXAFTER

Looking at specific examples of using the new TEXTBEFORE and TEXTAFTER functions in Excel.

Excel Tips & Tricks #463 – Top Tips of 2022

Pausing to look back at the best content from the Excel Community this year.

Other blogs

Risk Bubble Charts – Part 2

Liam Bastick looks at the Risk Bubble Charts in Excel, This is part two of the article.

Excel, Teams, Power BI, PowerPoint, Zoom, G Sheets, Meet – new tech features for Sep-Dec 2022

Our digest of new features across Microsoft 365 & other business tech products in written, images & video format covering the last three months.

Office applications and GIFs

You might be familiar with GIFs from their use in Social Media applications or as short, silent animations within online training material. As well as demonstrating how much you are laughing out loud at a friend’s latest message, GIFs can be very useful as a training or troubleshooting aid.

Excel – smarten up your dashboards

Investing just a few more minutes on improving the presentation of your dashboard can give it greater impact and help it communicate its message even more effectively.

Taking a break

Looking at the common ‘clean up’ problem in Excel – how to separate text and numbers

The OFFSET() function – can it survive in the era of Dynamic Arrays?

Useful as the OFFSET() function can be, it is ‘volatile’ and breaks the Excel formula auditing chain. The INDEX() function can often be used to replace OFFSET() and now the latest Dynamic Array developments mean that there might be even fewer reasons to stick with the OFFSET() function.

Archive and Knowledge Base

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