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Exploring Charts in Excel

Author: Excel community

Published: 10 Feb 2021

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How to use the many Chart options in Excel and apply the vast array of available graphical choices and features.

Building on the current twelve-part blog series, this webinar shows you how to use the many Chart options in Excel and apply the vast array of graphical choices and features that are available. We begin with a simple Sparkline, that provides a unique visual audit of data, through to multi-layered double axis Charts. Also, how to use the new Excel ‘ideas’ button that does much of the work for you. Along the way we cover axis bounds, axis positions, labels, stacking order, trend lines and the benefit of =NA. 

Charts can convey messages in management reports much more effectively than tables of data, particularly to people who have Numerophobia or a visual learning style.  

With an emphasis on clarity John Tennent takes you through the options.

Broadcast on 10 February 2021

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