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September/October 2020

In this issue: topical technology news from around the world; Fraud Advisory Panel reveals the COVID-19 tricks crooks use; the work to digitalise the EU; how IT has helped firms during the coronavirus crisis; and latest spreadsheet features.

Fostering buy-in to data and AI advances
Next-generation data and artificial intelligence are innovative tools for accountants. Kristin Gillon looks at strategies and opportunities to mitigate the barriers across the profession.

Byte size: tech news roundup
IT writer Sandra Vogel reports on a probe into Google’s £2.1bn bid for Fitbit; tighter security for consumer-grade devices; an auction of mobile phone spectrum; research into human error in data breaches; a need to ‘reset the business ecosystem’; and flaws in an artificial intelligence system.

Staying cyber safe at home
Data is at greater risk when working from home. David Adams looks at how companies are introducing technology such as encryption, biometric authentication and cloud-based services to ensure cyber security.

Pandemic facilitates cyber fraudsters
The COVID-19 crisis has created conditions for fraudsters to thrive, says Mia Campbell. While phishing emails, payment diversions and impersonation fraud are all things we’ve seen before, the pandemic is breathing new life into old scams.

Accountants and businesses battle COVID-19 together
What does the future hold for business? Nathan Keeley looks at companies’ tools for surviving the economic crisis.

Automation’s role in accountancy
Research is revealing the benefits of automating finance functions for accountants in India. Technical manager Kristen Gillon looks at the importance of mindset and involving staff with technological change, and discusses the fears that robotic process automation may result in fewer jobs.

Strengthening Europe’s digital fitness in the wake of COVID-19
The EU is in transition to an e-future across social and working life. Dr Susanna Di Feliciantonio reports on efforts to build digital skills.

Pandemic 2020: the new way of working
How do you recruit staff and blend an office while working remotely? Our members offer insights on the new business challenges of integrating new staff, keeping them in touch, maintaining advisory roles and addressing compliance issues.

What benefits us more: fast food or faster broadband?
IT writer Leo Waldock would rather see fibre to everyone’s door than cheaper burgers for the waistline. He questions whether the Eat Out to Help Out scheme does as much for the nation’s high street, internet or public health as an accelerated national roll-out of fibre.

Excel’s new upgrades – what you need to know
Simon Hurst, author of Essential Excel for Accountants (and others), introduces each of the Office software’s new features and gives links to detailed information sites.

Chartech: September/October 2020

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