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Annual review 2014

2014 was a strong year for ICAEW and our members.

Key achievements:

  • 10,441 new students studied for the ACA and ICAEW CFAB qualifications – a record number
  • In the five years to 2014 the proportion of female members has increased from 25% to 27% of the total membership; the 2014 student intake was 42% female
  • Our revenue and surplus are both up: 2014 revenue: £91.5m (87.6m in 2013), surplus £2.4m (£2.2m in 2013)
  • We met 8 out of 10 KPIs 
  • We made history as the first non-legal body to be granted the right to authorise some legal services in the UK, starting with probate
  • We opened new offices in Vietnam and Indonesia
  • We responded to 154,407 member enquiries
  • Online member search boosted enquires from under 600 to 14,000 a month 
  • Our Member App was downloaded 6,309 times
  • Members spent an average of 58 minutes reading each issue of our magazine economia

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