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Annual Review 2017

The instability triggered by geopolitical events in 2016, combined with major global revelations on tax avoidance, made for a challenging 2017; but one which ICAEW was ready to tackle. Find out more by reading our Annual Review.

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In economic terms, 2017 will likely be remembered simply as the year that followed the upheaval of 2016. The uncertainty that was triggered by the UK’s vote to leave the European Union and the election of a new US President not only endured, but settled in to such an extent that it became the new normal.

This instability, combined with major global revelations on tax avoidance, meant that trust in chartered accountants and other expertise and institutions was challenged.

We had already recognised that ICAEW needed to evolve in order to address the challenges of this new world. In 2017, we began this evolution.

In this year’s Annual Review, you can read about:

Gender Pay Gap

From April 2017, organisations employing more than 250 staff must publish specific data with regard to their gender pay gap.