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ICAEW Annual General Meeting 2020

The AGM of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (ICAEW) will be held on 2 June 2020 at 11am at ‘The Principal Meeting Place in which the Chair is Present’ and in a Video Conference Call format.

2019 concluded our three-year operational plan to transform into a more agile organisation, and was a pivotal year in the areas of audit reform and Brexit.

We supported, engaged with and contributed to the reviews of audit, and highlighted our key themes for reform.

We helped our members through Brexit uncertainty, working with government and investing in our own resources.

We ended the year with our membership at another record-high and concluding a fourth consecutive year of record student intake.

Attention has now turned to the social, health and economic challenges posed by Covid-19, which will have significant implications for us in 2020 and beyond.

Council recommends voting in favour of the resolutions at the AGM as, in Council's opinion, they are in the best interests of ICAEW and its members as a whole.


All the resolutions of the AGM were passed.


Presentations will not take place at the meeting but will be available to view in advance here.