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Benefits of the digital learning materials

Author: Learning and Professional Development

Published: 07 Apr 2021

Introducing our learning materials in a digital format comes with many added benefits including:
  • Instant access, on any device wherever and whenever. The ICAEW Bookshelf can be accessed via a web browser or the Bibliu app at any time. No need to carry around heavy printed materials.
  • You can download your ICAEW materials to access when you are offline.
  • Access your ICAEW learning materials via the Bibliu App. This is available from the Apple and Google Play stores. When logging in, select ICAEW from the drop down and enter your ICAEW log in details.
  • Annotate, highlight and search – you can still annotate and highlight while studying, and have the added benefit of searching not only the learning materials, but your notes too. Your notes will also be synchronised across all devices when you are online.
  • Access to your personal ICAEW Bookshelf within the open book exams. You will be able to access your materials, your notes and highlights and use the search functions, during your open book exams
  • Permitted text bundles – we have conveniently bundled most of the relevant permitted texts with the new digital learning materials. This means you get all the learning materials and the relevant permitted text you need to study all in one place*.
  • Digital format means resit students can be more easily supported. You will automatically have access to the latest edition of learning materials without any extra charge
  • Accessibility – a digital format is immediately more accessible, as it offers functionality that allows you to adjust the screen colour and zoom to your preference, use the text to speech or speed reader options to study in a way that suits you and your needs.
  • Access past exam questions directly from your study manual. Test yourself by hiding and revealing the answers at the touch of a button.
  • The ICAEW Bookshelf will save 262 tonnes of paper a year.
  • Cost reduction – the learning materials going digital offer a small cost saving and a large cost saving on the postage fees.

*The only exception is the IFRS Blue Book which must be purchased directly from the IFRS foundation, in hard copy.

Downloading the materials was a super quick and easy process, which took less than five minutes to do. I’m really excited that the bookshelf is also accessible as an app on my phone which will be great for when I want to get a mini study session in whilst on the go. I love the functionality of the app. In the question bank you can go right to the question you want to, and then at the bottom of the question you can go right to the answer. I also like that you can get all of the text spoken to you and can adjust the speed of this – great for more audible learners like me! I also can’t wait until I go to college and won’t have to carry two bags worth of books with me or risk forgetting something one day, or getting days muddled as everything is all in one place.

Mariee Payne, ACA student