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For current ACA students

Applications for Professional and Advanced Level exams

Certificate Level exams

The process is slightly different for Certificate Level exams, find out how to apply for Certificate Level exams.

All the information you need to apply for a Professional and Advanced Level exam.

Exam dates and deadlines

It is your responsibility to apply for your exams by the exam closing deadline. Ensure you have all the key exam dates and deadline you need during your ACA studies.

Please note that we do not accept late exam applications or changes to an exam application once the deadlines have passed. No allowance is made for any special circumstances or any error or omission.

You can also download the annual ACA planner. It’s designed to help you get organised at any time of the year. Use the planner to help keep your ACA training on track – add your study days, revision timetable, exams, six-monthly reviews and reminders on when you need to update your online training file.

Apply for exams

Apply for and book any Professional and Advanced Level exam using our online booking system.

Our exam booking system, is a live system, which means that when you book your exam, it is booked and confirmed immediately. The booking system will ask you to enter your preferred location to sit your exam and the closest centres with availability will appear. Exam centres are available on a first come, first served basis so be sure to book your exam early. If an exam centre doesn't appear, it means that this centre is fully booked. And remember to book your exam by the exam session closing date, we do not accept any late applications or changes once the deadlines have passed.

For guidance on how to use our booking system, view the how to book an exam online guide.

If you are unable to access the online booking system, contact us.

Exam centres 

Exam centres for the Professional and Advanced Level exams are available worldwide. Exam centre details will appear when you apply for and book your exam using our online booking process. Simply enter your preferred location and the five closest exam centres with availability will appear.

Remote invigilation

If you are planning on taking your exam via remote invigilation then please read more about Remote invigilation: Professional and Advanced Level exams.

If you have any questions about remote invigilation please visit our FAQs or contact the student support team.

Application summary

Once you have applied for and booked a Professional or Advanced Level exam, you will receive an application summary by email immediately after completing your application. This includes the timetable, venue, candidate number and instructions. You can also view this information on our website.

Cancelling or amending an exam application

Updated October 2023

During the exam session booking window:

Only during the exam session booking window can any modifications be made to a student’s application including withdrawing, amending the exam(s) selected, changing the exam centre or moving to remote invigilation. Once the exam session booking window closes no further amendments can be made.

Students can withdraw during the exam session booking window, by going online to their exam application and select the modifying application option. When withdrawing during the exam session booking window students will be refunded their exam fee. Refunds are issued back to the original payment method within 20 working days of the booking window closing date.

If you need to change the exam or centre you have chosen for a Professional or Advanced Level exam session, you can amend your application online up to the deadline. No amendments can be made after the exam entry deadline.

For further guidance view the guide on how to modify or withdraw from an exam. 

ICAEW are unable to defer an exam or hold a credit on a student’s account. A student will need to apply again at the next available session.

After the exam session booking window closing date

Students do not need to notify ICAEW if they are unable to attend their exam(s).

If a student is unable to attend their exam(s) and wishes to be considered for a refund, evidence will need to be submitted via the online training file within 7 days of the examination date.

Refunds will only be considered with the following evidence:

  • Illness - appropriate personal medical evidence from a qualified medical doctor obtained and dated no later than 48 hours after the examination date.
  • Bereavement - a copy of the death certificate of the family member. A family member would be mother, father, spouse or partner, child.

If a refund is granted this will be provided back to the original payment method 20 working days after the exam date.

ICAEW are unable to defer an exam or hold a credit on a student’s account. A student will need to apply again at the next available session.

Make sure that you are aware of all exam key dates and deadlines, as listed above.

Access arrangements for exams

If you feel your exam performance may be hindered due to a health condition, disability, or specific learning difficulty (SpLD), we may be able to put access arrangements in place to support you during your exam(s). If you would like arrangements to be in place for a specific exam, your access arrangement application needs to be submitted no later than the closing date of the respective exam session.

Before you submit your access arrangements application, please read the guidance for access arrangements.

Exam disruption appeal

The exam disruption appeal policy (previously known as special consideration) outlines what will be taken into account in the course of the final results determination, if your experience disruption during your exam.

Students must read and understand the exam disruption appeal policy before they sit an exam. The exam disruption appeal applies to circumstances where you feel that your performance in an exam has been adversely affected by illness or other circumstances. You can apply to have these factors taken into consideration during the results determination process. Please refer to the policy.

The deadline to apply for exam disruption appeal is seven days from your exam. For example, if you sit an exam on a Monday you will have until 23:59 the following Monday to submit your exam disruption appeal application. You will also need to apply for exam disruption appeal individually per exam

If you wish to apply for an exam disruption appeal, you must complete the online exam disruption appeal application form with any supporting evidence within seven days of the exam. Once your application has been logged, you will receive a confirmation email to confirm we have received it.

You can refer to the exam disruption appeal student guide for step-by-step instructions on how to apply or take a look at the exam disruption appeal frequently asked questions.

Full details of all the available provisions can be found in the ACA assessment regulations.

Instructions to Candidates

It’s very important that you read the instructions to candidates carefully before the day of your exam, and you are familiar with the administration, processes and procedures of all our exams.

In addition to reading the Instructions to Candidates, all students taking a Professional Level or Advanced Level exam, please follow your latest local government guidelines.

All regulatory information relating to the Professional and Advanced level exams can be found in the ACA assessment regulations.

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