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Marks review service

We take the marking of exams very seriously and therefore errors in the calculation of exam results are very rare. However, if you have failed an exam and believe that this result is not correct, you may request a marks review.

Do you want to apply for a marks review?

Marks Review Professional Level

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The marks review is not a re-mark but it is a complete check of all the processes involved in arriving at your result.

We also provide a Marks Feedback service for a failed Professional or Advanced Level exam. This service provides a breakdown of your total short form question score and marks per whole question for the exam. You may request this service up to 12 months from the date of the exam. Visit the Marks Feedback page for more details.

The review includes:

  • An exam marker checking that no errors or omissions were made during the marking process.
  • A check that all the marks awarded have been correctly calculated and transferred to ICAEW marks database and your results notification.

Applying for a marks review

To apply for a marks review you must complete a marks review request form. You are able to download the form from this web page for a short period following the dispatch of results. We must receive your form within ten working days of the date on your results letter.

Marks review request form

You must include payment with the form, either a cheque or card details. The fee for a marks review is £50 per exam, refundable if your mark is increased. (ICAEW will not be liable for any costs arising from this change or the results as originally issued.)

Send your completed form to:

ICAEW Finance, PO box 6173, Milton Keynes, MK10 1TW, United Kingdom.

Alternatively you can send your form to our secure fax number +44 (0)1908 248 064.

We will write to you a maximum of five weeks after the results dispatch date with the result of the review. The result of the marks review will either confirm or raise your exam result. A mark can go up even if it does not change your overall result. We will not give you a lower mark and your result will not go down.

Please note

  • If you want to resit the exam you have failed at the next session, you do not need to wait for the outcome of the marks review before you apply to sit the exam. If your marks review results is a pass, we will refund the fee for the resit (as well as the fee for the marks review).
  • We will keep documents relating to your marks review for only 60 days unless your exam mark is changed or you raise another grievance or query about your exam mark.
  • Marks reviews do not apply for Certificate Level exams.