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Ethics Learning Programme from 1 July 2020

To qualify as a BFP you need to complete ICAEW's online Ethics Learning Programme and achieve a score of at least 70%. The online learning programme is based on the ICAEW Code of Ethics, to help you get to grips with our ethical framework and practise how you would respond to an ethical situation.

For all BFP students registered or re-registered from 01 July 2020, there is now a new Ethics Learning Programme. The programme includes the following six modules: 

  • Ethics, stakeholders and culture
  • ICAEW and public trust
  • ICAEW Code of Ethics
  • Ethics in business
  • Ethics in public practice
  • Ethics in a transforming world

Once you have worked your way through each of the six modules you will need to complete the full assessment and achieve a score of at least 70%. You have 12 months to complete this from the date you first accessed the Ethics Learning Programme. 

Here are the key things you need to know about the assessment:

  1. You'll need to complete it online.
  2. You must achieve a minimum of 70%.
  3. You will have an unlimited number of attempts.
  4. Each of your attempts will be recorded within the ethics and professional scepticism tab on your online BFP training file.
  5. Access will cease once you have achieved 70% or if your BFP registration is cancelled.
  6. If you are a BFP student who is re-registering after 01 July 2020 and you have already gained 70% at the old BPP version of our Ethics Learning Programme, you will not have access to the new Ethics Learning Programme. If you did not achieve 70% at the old BPP version of the programme, then you will have access to the new Ethics Learning Programme and will now need to achieve 70% - you can have multiple attempts at this and each attempt is recorded in your training file.

More information about becoming a BFP

If you have any questions about applying for the ICAEW Business and Finance Professional designation please get in touch:

  • studentsupport@icaew.com
  • +44 (0)1908 248 250