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Researching Accountant Development Framework

Welcome to the Researching Accountant Development Framework. You can use this interactive resource (the RADF) to support you as you develop as a researcher in academia.

Using the framework

What is the RADF?

The Researching Accountant Development Framework is based on three dimensions of learning – the cognitive, intrapersonal and interpersonal - and builds on research carried out by Hilary Lindsay during and after her own professional doctoral studies.

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How should you use the RADF?

Each main theme in the RADF covers three areas and within each of the nine areas are three topics which emerged from the interviews, so there are 27 topics in all for you to explore.

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Summary of key points

A summary of key points from each topic: Understanding research; Engaging with others; Bringing research to practice; Thinking things through; How you may be affected; Developing resilience; Being proactive; Developing your networks; Making a difference.

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The Researching Accountant Development Framework

Young person problem solving
Understanding research

Understanding the basics, Literature and writing and Methods and methodology

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Young people presenting at meeting
Engaging with others

Enlisting support, Having a mentor, Talking to colleagues and sharing your work

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Image of people working collaboratively
Bringing research to practice

Bringing research into teaching, Research informing practice, Combining teaching and research.

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Woman looking with binoculars
Thinking things through

Understanding the implications for you, Considering doing a qualification, Working out your next steps.

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Woman doing yoga class online
How you may be affected

Issues around confidence, What might be different?, The perceptions of others

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Image of mountain climber
Developing resilience

Coping with feedback, Finding time for research and study, Managing your workload

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Graduating students celebrating
Being proactive

Pursuing your interests, Trying things out, Making the most of available funding

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Laptop screen showing participants in an online meeting
Developing your networks

Attending conferences, Talking about your research, Publishing your research

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Portrait of happy man looking at camera
Making a difference

Finding out something new, Contributing to society, Contributing to the accountancy profession.

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