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The Researching Accountant Development Framework is based on three dimensions of learning – the cognitive, intrapersonal and interpersonal - and builds on research carried out by Hilary Lindsay during and after her own professional doctoral studies.

The content is the result of interviews with thirteen members from several professional accountancy bodies, based inside and outside the UK, who are all now working in academia and who have varying levels of involvement in research.

The content has been anonymised and all names changed.

The RADF includes three overarching themes:

  • Developing your knowledge and skills (the cognitive aspects)
  • Changing yourself (the intrapersonal aspects)
  • Changing your world (the interpersonal aspects)

These themes reflect the knowledge and skills, the attitudes and the behaviours that will help you succeed. Hilary chose to call the second and third themes ‘changing yourself’ and ‘changing your world’ after she read Aldous Huxley’s comment that he wanted to change the world but found that the only thing he could be sure of changing was himself.

She believes that by ‘changing yourself’ you are as well placed as possible to ‘change your world’.

Researching Accountant Development Framework

Our Researching Accountant Development Framework (RADF) is an interactive resource to support you to develop as a researcher in academia.

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