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Each main theme in the RADF covers three areas and within each of the nine areas are three topics which emerged from the interviews, so there are 27 topics in all for you to explore. But please don’t think you need to go through them all in that order. You can just dip into any that are of interest to you.

When you click on any of the nine areas, you will be taken to the part of the resource that covers the three topics in that area. At the start of each topic you will find a summary of key points arising in the interviews around that topic and then some issues for you to consider as you read through the quotes from the interviewees. If you are new to academia or to research we suggest you might first want to read through the Summary of Key Points before delving into the more detailed content and the quotes.

The final part of the resource is the Researching Accountant Development Plan (RADP). The best idea is to save a copy of the RADP to your desktop. You can then add your own actions to it as you work through the topics in the resource.

If you have queries about any aspect of the resource or would like to give feedback on your experiences of using it please contact Dr Hilary Lindsay.

Researching Accountant Development Framework

Our Researching Accountant Development Framework (RADF) is an interactive resource to support you to develop as a researcher in academia.

Summary of key pointsWhat is the RADF?