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Webinar recordings

Listen to recordings from previous webinars.


Authentic Happiness: the theory and practice of wellbeing

Women in Finance webinar in association with CABA. This webinar explores the science of happiness and what impacts our wellbeing. It will introduce the science and practice of wellbeing and sample some of the scientifically grounded tools that raise the bar on happiness.

Welcome to the new normal – How to talk professionally online

Everyone is having to learn to talk online now, but It's easy to get it wrong when you're at home. You don't want to look and sound unprofessional. This webinar will give you expert advice and tips on how to have a professional image on screen whether in meetings or interviews.

3 Top Tips on Using Assertiveness at Work

Women in Finance webinar in association with CABA. Being heard at work is key to our impact, and influence, and an important element of asserting ourselves and achieving our goals. Listen to this fresh, original, exciting online seminar with to get invaluable tips on how to make more of an impact in at work.

Emotional intelligence for success

Women in Finance webinar in association with CABA. This webinar will help you to develop emotional intelligence and understand the link between emotions, thoughts, and behaviours. It will explain what emotions are, and define the concept of emotional intelligence, to help you enhance your thoughts and improve your performance and relationships.

Diversity and governance in sport

This webinar covers the role that governance and diversity play in sport. Tom Wilson, Partner, haysmactinyre, talks about the code of sports governance, covering the basics but also discussing what some organisations are doing to improve diversity and governance at all levels. Dal Darroch, Head of Diversity and Inclusion at The FA, discusses the diversity action plan released by The FA - 'In Pursuit of Progress'.