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Students and younger members

ICAEW East Anglia has a vibrant student Committee and events for younger members are also organised.

With over 500 students training at any one time in the area, East Anglia's student committee is vibrant. Situated primarily in Cambridge they organise at least three events per year which are designed to help those students training network with their peers. Events range from charity drinks to more physical activities through to the ever popular wine tasting at Christmas.

The student committee has representatives from most firms on it but will always welcome new members! The commitment is purely to attend the Committee meetings (usually held at 6pm in Cambridge after work) which take place approximately three times per year and to be an ambassador for the Committee within your firm.

This means publicising and highlighting the events which are being held to your colleagues and encouraging people to attend. Most students remain on the Committee until they qualify and then nominate someone within their firm to take over.