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Latest ICAEW Insights and accountancy news for May 2021

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HMRC finds discrepancy in company losses reported


Letters were sent to companies, agents and software providers last month, highlighting a discrepancy in some cases between the figures in companies’ computations and tax returns. Unless the taxpayer or agent requests otherwise, HMRC will use the figures in the computation as the filed position.

A golden era for an older and wiser workforce


Many people in their 50s, 60s and 70s are adding another chapter to their working lives, and organisations would do well to make the most of this valuable source of labour and experience.

CFOs need to walk the walk on ESG


A survey of global finance leaders by A4S finds that companies have high awareness of sustainability issues, but significant work is still needed to translate ambition into action.

Natura: Brazil’s integrated reporting pioneers


The Brazilian giant, the first publicly listed company to become a B Corp, has been pushing an integrated approach for 30 years. Having taken this further still, it was highly commended at this year’s Finance for the Future Awards.

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