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Latest ICAEW Insights and accountancy news for May 2021

All the latest news about ICAEW and the accountancy profession.

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EU to cut red tape on cross-border business


The European Commission proposes more transparency and less administration for companies in a bid to digitise and speed up business operations in the single market.

The finance team toolkit part 5: processes


Organisations often confuse processes with procedures, which can obscure clarity around roles and hinder efficiency. Here’s how processes should apply within your finance function.

Help ICAEW improve UK regulation


ICAEW’s Better Regulation project launches today. We invite members to share their experiences as part of our initiative exploring how the UK’s regulatory regime could be improved for the benefit of businesses and wider society.

Chart of the week: Silicon Valley Bank


Our chart this week examines the late lamented Silicon Valley Bank and how its outsized investment in securities made it particularly vulnerable to a bank run.

FCA to crack down on misleading ESG disclosures


Regulator’s preliminary review raises concerns about application of ESG benchmarks and the potential for greenwashing, as it gets tougher on “poor” sustainability claims.

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