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How can accountants make sense of crypto?

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In this Insights In Focus episode, we discuss the pros and cons of crypto and its impact on the work of finance professionals.

The collapse of crypto exchange and hedge fund FTX in December took $8bn of its customers’ money with it and raised fresh questions about the sector. Fans claim crypto will revolutionise how businesses and customers interact and, potentially, democratise the global flow of money. For detractors, the sector is little more than an unregulated casino, rife with opportunities for investors to lose their money.

Finance professionals are caught in the middle. So, where could or should crypto go next? And how significant might the sector become?

Host Philippa Lamb is joined by Paul Munson, Head of Financial Crime at social investment app Shares; Esther Mallowah, ICAEW Head of Technology Policy; and Vivienne Artz of the data privacy expert group, Global Coalition to Fight Financial Crime.

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Philippa Lamb


  • Esther Mallowah, Head of Technology Policy, ICAEW
  • Paul Munson, Head of Financial Crime, Shares
  • Vivienne Artz, Co-chair, Data Privacy Expert Group, Global Coalition to Fight Financial Crime


Ed Adams

Episode first published: 26 January 2023

Podcast recorded: 23 January 2023

All views expressed on this podcast are those of the contributors and don’t necessarily reflect those of ICAEW or its members.