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Getting SME investment back on track

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In this Insights In Focus episode, we discuss the obstacles and incentives to SME investment.

In recent years, a string of crises and ongoing economic uncertainty has dampened investment across the board. Office for National Statistics figures show that business investment remains lower than pre-pandemic levels and fell 0.2% in Q4 2022.

The March Budget attempted a shot in the arm by announcing three years’ capital expensing, but questions remain over whether SMEs can access the finance they need to make their investment plans a reality.

Host Philippa Lamb is joined by Simon Gray, ICAEW Head of Business, and executives from three tech-intensive SMEs: Adam Lauffer, Deputy CEO of Doddle; Tanuvi Ethunandan, CEO of Data Duopoly; and Ciaran Burke, COO of Swoop.


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Philippa Lamb


  • Simon Gray, Head of Business, ICAEW
  • Adam Lauffer, Deputy CEO, Doddle
  • Tanuvi Ethunandan, founder and CEO, Data Duopoly
  • Ciaran Burke, co-founder and COO, Swoop


Natalie Chisholm

Episode first published: 28 April 2023
Podcast recorded: 21 April 2023

All views expressed on this podcast are those of the contributors and don’t necessarily reflect those of ICAEW or its members.