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ISSB standards, E-Commerce Trade Commission, and CPD update

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The ICAEW Insights podcast explores the month’s top stories in accountancy.

In this episode, we discuss the contents of the International Sustainability Standards Board’s first two published standards; ICAEW’s role in the newly launched E-Commerce Trade Commission; and firms’ responsibilities under new CPD regulations launching 1 November 2023.

Philippa Lamb is joined by Sally Baker, Head of Corporate Reporting Strategy; Ed Saltmarsh, Technical Manager; and Sophie Wales; Head of Regulatory Affairs.


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Philippa Lamb


  • Sally Baker, Head of Corporate Reporting Strategy, ICAEW
  • Ed Saltmarsh, Technical Manager, ICAEW
  • Sophie Wales, Head of Regulatory Affairs, ICAEW


Natalie Chisholm

Episode first published: 11 August 2023
Podcast recorded: 4 August 2023

All views expressed on this podcast are those of the contributors and don’t necessarily reflect those of ICAEW or its members.