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Viewpoints on the news during June 2021

Opinions and news analysis, covering the worlds of business and accountancy.

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Gender mainstreaming in practice: lessons from the EU budget


ICAEW’s Women in EU Finance Network recently hosted an online panel debate looking at how incorporating a gender perspective into fiscal planning and budgetary processes can help with the assessment and targeting of the effects of policy actions and public spending on different genders.

Back to business as support measures wind down


The swift spread of coronavirus needed an equally rapid response from government, but with business coming back to life it’s time for the economy to stand on its own again, says the Insolvency Service’s Paul Bannister.

The CFO’s strategic role has never been more important


As many businesses begin their recovery from the pandemic, Michael Izza emphasises the fundamental role CFOs will play in driving strategic renewal and reflects on our Business and Management Faculty’s latest research.

Businesses face diminishing window to make climate-related disclosures


With COP26 putting climate change and sustainability under the spotlight, listed businesses with accounting periods beginning on or after 1 January 2021 realistically have less than six months to get their house in order, says Maria Kepa, a director in EY’s corporate governance team.

Urgency: time to build sustainability into economic decisions


With COP26 on climate and COP15 on biodiversity around the corner, and time running out to take action, there is little wonder that significant G7 time was committed to these topics. But was there enough real commitment behind the conversation?

Pandemic may continue to mask economic impact of Brexit


ICAEW members have expressed concern that ongoing Brexit issues are being masked by the impact of the coronavirus pandemic and are calling for a more granular understanding of the economic forces at play to help organisations mitigate its effect.

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