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Employer responsibilities for apprenticeships

Author: ICAEW

Published: 06 Dec 2021

Read about the employer responsibilities you need to be aware of when taking on ICAEW apprentices in the UK. We provide full support and training throughout the process.

Apprenticeships provide an excellent way for employers to expand talent within their organisation. We work with employers to provide a structured framework in which apprentices succeed and organisations grow effectively.

Although we provide a training framework and support network for apprentices, some responsibilities lie with employers. As an employer providing ICAEW apprenticeships, you are required to:

  • be listed on the Register of Apprenticeship Training Providers (RoATP);
  • ensure all apprentices undertake meaningful and productive work that facilitates opportunities to access, practice and develop their skills;
  • pay apprentices at least the national minimum wage;
  • allow apprentices to attend external training and assessments as part of their working hours (at least 20% of their working week should be dedicated to studying);
  • conduct regular performance reviews with both ICAEW and the apprentice;
  • liaise with training providers to arrange assessments;
  • ensure that all apprenticeships last a minimum of 12 months with the apprentice employed for the full term of their learning period (this includes assessment and external training time); and
  • confirm that the apprentice has passed the Gateway.

How ICAEW supports employers

ICAEW is here to support both employers and apprentices every step of the way. The specifics of how we do this varies from employer to employer but there are some key things you can expect from us:

  • a dedicated ICAEW Business Development Manager on hand to support through the End-point Assessment process if required; and
  • stay in the loop thanks to regular newsletters and  industry updates.