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Evolving the ACA qualification

About the consultation

To help ensure that the ACA qualification continues to meet the needs of our employers, members and students, we have run a consultation programme about the evolution of the qualification. The insight generated from our stakeholders will help us to better understand developments in the workplace and the profession, and how these should be reflected in the ACA.
Over recent years there have been a number of innovations to the ACA, including:

  • Implementing technology into the qualification, including the use of workplace data analytics software in exams; and
  • Embedding sustainability throughout the qualification.

During the consultation, we captured feedback and opinions through roundtables, meetings and surveys, which are all being analysed to inform the development of our future ACA proposal.

Qualification development proposal

Thank you to those who took the time to contribute to the ACA consultation. Your feedback will inform our qualification development proposal. Further developments will be added to this webpage over the coming months.