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Richard Dade, Partner at Hazlewoods - DLiP™ participant

Author: Learning and Professional Development

Published: 07 Jun 2021

Richard Dade, Partner at Hazlewoods provides his account on why he chose to enrol on ICAEW's Developing Leadership in Practice (DLiP™) programme.

Richard Dade

Partner, Hazlewoods

Why did you decide to go on DLiP™?

The content was really relevant to my role and situation and it is totally focussed on the role of a partner. Because of this, making a case to the associate was straight forward as they could see the potential benefit.

How has it helped you in your role?

What struck me the most is that it is as much about understanding yourself as it is about being a successful partner and good leader. It focusses on playing to your strengths rather than trying to be good at something you’re not.

How did you find the coaching?

The 1:2:1 time is very valuable. It is useful to reflect on the programme and allows you to talk about other aspects of your role you might not feel comfortable sharing in the group. It gave me real encouragement to achieve what I was aiming for and the independent view gave me a different perspective on things.

What have you taken away?

The main benefits for me have been:

  • Clarity of vision and strategy
  • Greater level of confidence
  • Resilience

Would you recommend DLiP™ to others?

Definitely. DLiP is now part of Hazlewoods' career pathway.