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Read Aaron Beck's, Financial Controller at Seajacks UK Ltd account on how he has benefitted from NFL.

Why did you choose NFL?

I chose NFL looking for a reputable programme to strengthen my management style, improve my leadership skills and motivation/engagement within our team. My career goal is senior leadership and the psychological element of the course appeals to me.

Did you have any reservations about joining NFL?

I was initially concerned about losing benefit amongst a large group of individuals and was immediately proven wrong. The workshops are totally interactive and encourage group learning. I was joined by an outstanding group of like-minded peers who gelled instantly- we were all surprised about by the similarity of challenges that we face and how they translate across industries. We have a large WhatsApp social group and have been in constant messages, discussing challenges and sharing our activities; also meeting outside of the course. The course delivered above and beyond my expectations.

Past participants describe the NFL programme as a transformative journey, do you agree? And if so, how has it changed you?

The course was absolutely transformative, providing techniques to reflect on my leadership/mentor style, looking at the bigger picture, managing difficult conversations and understanding basic psychology to drive efficiency and welfare. A recurring theme has also been to keep sight on your own goals and priorities to avoid burnout and enjoy the career journey. I feel motivated and excited for the challenges ahead. Having both group and one-one coaching has enabled me to see different perspectives and also focus on my own challenges.

One unique element of NFL is the coaching participants receive. How did coaching benefit you?

Whilst I still have some sessions left, the time spent with the coach has been invaluable; enabling me to discuss personal hangups and fears in an honest and professional space. The comments and feedback by my coach has been eye-opening and applicable specifically to my workplace. Coaching wasn’t something that I would usually expect from a course but I absolutely appreciate this time and consider it a key benefit of the programme.

NFL is renowned for its blended approach to learning, particularly, for its peer learning groups, how did you find them?

I speak for the entire group when I say we thoroughly enjoyed the peer learning groups. Everyone made time in their calendars and approached in an honest, open and collaborative ethic. We’ve agreed to continue the sessions beyond the end of the course though ask questions freely in our WhatsApp group in any case.

What has been your biggest takeaway from NFL?

My management style is evolving towards the leader I strive to be. I’m spending much more time with the Finance team, focussing on collaboration and development. In fact, I’m writing this message from a workstation amongst the team as part of an action plan with my coach. The reaction from my team to the changes I have made has been positive.

Would you recommend NFL to others?

Definitely. The course is very well targeted to people at my level and offers a rounded experience of group and personalised learning within a ‘tried and trusted’ structure. Not only have I concluded the programme as a better leader but have also gained a brilliant network of like-minded peers. Those able to commit to the journey will absolutely benefit.

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