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Shape tomorrow’s economy

ICAEW Annual Conference

4 October 2024, Convene 133 Houndsditch, London (formerly etc.venues)

Discover forward-looking insights on the economy, with a particular focus on sustainability, leadership, and technology designed to help you navigate a rapidly evolving external environment, drive business growth and discuss how to build a better, more resilient economic future. Secure your place now for the sell-out event of the year before it's too late!

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What can I expect from 2024?

Explore unique insights on an ever-changing economy from high profile speakers. Learn strategies to enhance business performance and nurture sustainable value for stakeholders. Be better equipped to anticipate changes by engaging with cutting-edge thought leadership. Assess both risks and opportunities to navigate growth challenges and international market prospects effectively. Take the opportunity to connect with fellow accountants and industry insiders.

Be prepared

Gaining unique insights into an economy that is rapidly evolving.


Be purposeful

Enhancing business performance, fostering sustainable value for stakeholders and making new contacts.


Plan ahead

Cutting-edge thought leadership from renowned experts, economists, political figures, and business leaders.


Explore risks and opportunities

Evaluating growth hurdles and global market prospects.


Earn CPD hours

Get up to 9 hours of verifiable CPD by attending this event.

2024 programme

Experience a full day of curated sessions, connections over lunch and stay ahead with inspiring talks about economic transformation, practical guidance on ESG skills and AI as a partner for productivity.

Please note the programme is subject to change.

07:45 - 08:40
Welcome Address | Alan Vallance, CEO, ICAEW
Chair’s opening remarks | Katie Prescott, Technology Business Editor, The Times
As the Conference Chair, Katie Prescott brings a unique blend of journalistic insight and technological curiosity. As the Technology Business Editor at The Times, she’s no stranger to the intersection of finance, innovation, and global trends. A familiar voice to millions, after a decade of presenting the business news on the Today programme, Katie will set the stage for a day of exploration. Expect engaging anecdotes, thought-provoking questions, and perhaps a dash of tech trivia. She’ll touch upon key themes like economic transformation, ESG skills, and the role of AI in productivity.
Keynote speaker to be announced
Charting a new course for economic transformation
The UK faces a toxic combination of low growth, high inequality and weak productivity as our economy struggles to recover from several once-in-a-generation shocks. Set against the backdrop of the 2024 General Election, this stimulating panel discussion on the global and UK economic outlook will explore how to build a better, more resilient economic future, including examining the role of new technologies and the transition to net zero in unlocking the UK’s growth potential and raising living standards.
Break, refreshments and exhibition viewing
Lessons from leadership | MHA
Rachel Nutt, a senior partner at MHA who advises some of the country’s leading entrepreneurs, talks about the lessons she’s learnt over the last two decades and how they have helped her as part of the team that has lead MHA through a period of unparalleled growth. If your firm is doubling in size every four years as MHA is, how do you keep the glue that binds teams together with a common set of values and a shared vision? Is it possible to be an open leader, encourage transparent feedback, yet make sure everyone is on the same journey? In a period of geopolitical uncertainty, technological upheaval, new ways of working and a sector facing new paradigms and challenges, what are the leadership lessons from business for the future accountancy profession?
Revitalising Audits: Strategies for success in a tech-driven world | Thomson Reuters Confirmation
Kyle Gibbons, Thomson Reuters Confirmation; Rhodri Whitlock, Quality and Governance Consultant and Kathryn Cearns, OBE will explore the ever-evolving landscape of audit. Discover how to invigorate the profession through this insightful discussion. Learn how to stay ahead of ever-evolving audit regulations. Explore how technology and process enhancements can unlock demonstrable value in your audit workflows. Uncover strategies to retain profitable clients while efficiently managing less lucrative ones. Tried and tested tactics for alleviating the burden on audit leaders, juggling a myriad of responsibilities alongside core audit duties
Dedicated sustainability, leadership and technology breakout sessions with Workday, Datasnipper and more
Achieving a nature-positive economy: Pathways and possibilities
Panellists: Maelle Pelisson, Business for Nature, Toby Roxburgh, ICAEW. Join us for an engaging session where we explore the concept of a nature-positive economy and its role in achieving a socially just net zero transition. Our expert panel will delve into the challenges and opportunities for businesses and finance institutions of transitioning to a nature-positive economy. Join the session to understand what a nature-positive economy entails and how it supports the transition to net-zero, the role of businesses in addressing climate change and nature loss, as well as the importance of integrating sustainability into business strategies and decision-making processes. Gain insights on the challenges and opportunities businesses face in transitioning to a nature-positive and climate-resilient economy.
From core values to collective impact: building inclusive workplaces
Panellists: Sheryl Miller, ACA, Satvir Bungar, BDO, Sarah Petherbridge, Disability Awareness Trainer. In today's fast-paced and competitive world, innovation is the key to success. But how can you foster a culture of innovation in your organisation? It starts with creating an inclusive environment where everyone feels valued, respected, and empowered to contribute their unique perspectives and ideas. In this session, you will learn how to walk the talk of inclusion, from the core values and practices of your leadership team, to the everyday interactions and collaborations of your employees. You will also discover how to leverage the diversity of your workforce as a source of creativity and innovation, and how to overcome the common challenges and barriers that hinder inclusive cultures.
Copilots: AI as a partner for productivity | Shamus Rae, Engine B
Artificial intelligence (AI) is revolutionising the accounting profession, enabling accountants to work smarter, faster and better. But how can accountants leverage the power of AI without losing their human touch and professional judgement? The answer could be Copilots. Copilots use generative AI to provide insights, answers and evidence to accountants, based on a wealth of standardised data and external sources, such as methodology and standards. Learn how copilots can help you to save time and improve quality. Enhance your skills and knowledge, deliver value and innovation to your clients and be ethical and responsible by using copilots to check compliance, identify risks and ensure transparency and accountability.
ICAEW Annual Conference 2023
Lunch, networking and exhibition viewing
Keynote speaker to be announced
What risks are you not accounting for? The danger of overlooking ESG
Panellists: Myfanwy Neville, BKL, Steve Kenzie, UN Global Compact Network, Richard Andrews, KPMG. In this session, you will learn how to build sustainability into your risk assessment processes and avoid the danger of overlooking ESG factors. You will discover how ESG factors can affect your organisation’s financial performance, reputation, and resilience, as well as the expectations and demands of your stakeholders, such as investors, regulators, customers, and employees. The session will cover topics including the key ESG issues and trends that pose risks and opportunities for your organization, how you can integrate ESG risk assessment into your existing risk management processes and systems, and how you can monitor and report on your ESG risk performance and progress.
Cadence: The key to high performance | Leanne Spencer
Professionals are expected to keep up with technological advancements, talent recruitment issues, client demands and so much more. The ability to adapt to ever-changing circumstances is a vital skill, and one which we can learn from some of the most resilient people in society – athletes. Even at the most elite level, an athlete will not expect to be operating at peak performance all year round. They will look ahead to the schedule, get ready, perform to the best of their ability and then rest. Leanne will show you how to prioritise your own personal sustainability in a high-paced environment through the power of storytelling in this interactive, fun keynote.
Navigating Ethical Challenges in AI Implementation
Panellists: Maria Axente, PwC, Esther Mallowah, ICAEW, Malcolm Bacchus, ICAEW, Professor Chris Cowton, University of Huddersfield. Artificial intelligence (AI) is not just a buzzword. It’s a game-changer for accounting and finance, opening up new doors for innovation, efficiency and value. But AI also comes with ethical challenges that can’t be ignored. How can you use AI in a way that is ethical, responsible and professional? This session will feature a dynamic panel of experts, each armed with their unique perspectives. They’ll present a compelling ethical dilemma—one that challenges conventional thinking and sparks lively discussion. The audience will have the chance to interact with the dilemma via our voting software, Slido, as we explore questions of bias, transparency, accountability, and trust in the context of AI. Consider it an invitation to engage, reflect, and contribute.
ICAEW Annual Conference 2023
Break, refreshments and exhibition viewing
Keynote speaker to be announced
ESG skills and competencies for accountants: A practical guide | Jayne Saywell, Black Skies Blue and Natalie Nicholles, Capital Coalition
Join this session to explore the ESG landscape: What are the key ESG issues and trends that affect the accounting profession and the business world? How do ESG factors impact the financial performance and value creation of organizations? Our speakers will guide you through the important considerations including: global and local ESG initiatives and regulations; how can accountants choose and apply the most appropriate and relevant ESG standards and frameworks for their organizations and stakeholders; the ESG best practices that accountants can learn from and adopt; resources and tools that accountants can use to enhance their ESG skills and competencies.
Leading through change: A novel approach to success in a dynamic world | Professor Eddie Obeng
In an era of rapid transformation, where the familiar gives way to the unknown, leadership takes on a new dimension. As we navigate the uncharted waters of a fast-changing, challenging, and chaotic global landscape, leaders must rise to the occasion with courage and adaptability. Join us for an interactive and thought-provoking breakout session led by Professor Eddie Obeng, a renowned authority on leadership in complex environments. In this engaging discourse, Professor Obeng will delve into the intricacies of leadership amidst uncertainty, drawing from real-world examples to illuminate key insights.
Addressing the Technology Skills Gap: How to prepare for the Future of Accounting | Daniel Clark, ICAEW, Fay Bordbar, Mazars and Jenny Blewett, Costello Medical
Technology is transforming the accounting profession at a rapid pace. Artificial intelligence, cloud computing, blockchain, and data analytics are creating new opportunities and challenges. To remain relevant, accountants must adopt these technologies and develop the necessary digital and human skills for their changing roles.In this thought-provoking panel session, experts will discuss: the technology skills gap facing accountants and how to address it; how to think about skills requirements for yourself and your organisation; key skills and competencies of the future, using technology effectively while also doubling down on unique human skills.
ICAEW Annual Conference 2023
In Conversation with Eugene Amo-Dadzie - The World's Fastest Accountant
Don't miss Eugene Amo-Dadzie's session, a chartered accountant and a world-class sprinter. His remarkable journey combines professional excellence with athletic prowess. Eugene’s achievements include running the 100-meter sprint in just 9.93 seconds, securing the fourth quickest time ever by a Briton. An Olympic hopeful, his story inspires others to overcome obstacles, develop talent, and embrace the multifaceted nature of the accounting profession. Be sure to come along to his session—a unique blend of speed, precision, and inspiration!
Closing remarks | Malcolm Bacchus, ICAEW President
Networking drinks reception
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Our Speakers

Profile image of Maria Luciana Axente,
Maria Luciana Axente Head of AI Public Policy and Ethics, PWC

Maria is an AI ethics and policy expert. She is responsible for integrating ethical considerations into PwC’s AI strategies and leading PwC's engagement in public policy debates. Additionally, Maria conducts research at the University of Cambridge on human-centric AI and its implications for tech policy and ethics.

Profile image of Satvir Bungar
Satvir Bungar MBE FCA Managing Director & National Head of Business Services, BDO

A multi-award-winning Managing Director, Satvir has completed many high-profile UK and cross-border mergers and acquisitions. He has a reputation for transforming businesses and holds an MBE for services to Corporate Finance. Satvir is executive sponsor of BDO’s CEDAR network, which aims to increase representation in leadership.

Profile image of Shamus Rae
Shamus Rae Co-founder and CEO, Engine B

Shamus focuses on leveraging AI and data to transform organisations. In 2019, Shamus formed Engine B to build a more transparent, technology-enabled future for professional services by unlocking access to data. Previously Shamus spent 13 years at KPMG as a Partner, leading in Business Transformation.

2023 event highlights

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The conference was very insightful, and extremely relevant to the current ongoing conversations in society. I particularly liked that it had relevance to both practice and industry accountants.

ICAEW Annual Conference 2023 delegate

A very informative and well structured day, allowed me time to spend with a good blend of partner organisations in between a number of useful seminars provided by a good range of speakers.

ICAEW Annual Conference 2023 delegate

Empowering! Insightful sessions on the intersection of finance and technology, exploring innovative solutions driving the future of finance and accounting.

ICAEW Annual Conference 2023 delegate

The conference theme… was very topical and provided an excellent backdrop to the ever-changing financial and regulatory landscape in which members in practice and commerce operate.

ICAEW Annual Conference 2023 delegate

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