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Pass lists

The Knowledge guide to ICAEW examination papers has been developed to help you track down the examination papers and their associated publications through the years - with guidance on where you can find online resources for recent and current examinations.

Online sources

The latest Exam Results and Orders of Merit are published on the ICAEW website at http://www.icaew.com/examresults. An archive of past exam results is also available for 2018 to date.

Since August 2020 we no longer publish the pass and credit lists. The subject Orders of Merit for the candidates who have achieved the highest marks for each exam are still published, but only students who have given their consent appear in the Merit lists.

LIS collection

Official pass lists

The results of examinations- list of successful candidates (generally referred to as "Pass lists") were published by ICAEW from the first examinations in 1882 until August 2020. The ICAEW Library & Information Service holds an incomplete set in store from 1956 onwards and you can find full listings of our holdings in our online catalogue.

Most of the 1956-May 1963 lists cover the final, intermediary and preliminary examinations; May 1959 covers the final examination only; November 1960, May 1964 cover the final and intermediate only. November 1964 and cover the final and intermediate examinations. The May 1956, May 1959 and November 1959 lists include the Society of Incorporated Accountants (in voluntary liquidation).

Other published pass lists

Printed lists of successful candidates have been published in a variety of publications since the first examinations.

The Accountant 1882-1980 Covered the examination results for 1882 to 1979. In the early years this took the form of an ICAEW advertisement which was not always included in the annual index
Accountancy Age 1981-? Began publishing the lists from 1981 (final, PEII, TC2/FAE only). The September 1981 issue covered the July 1981 PEII (sometimes called PE2) examination. Accountancy Age ceased to be a print publication with the 21 April 2011 issue.
The Times  ?-2006 Published examination results until approximately 2006.
Financial Times  2007-2017 The final listing covered the July 2017 Advanced Level exam sitting

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