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Recommended reading for the first ICAEW exams in 1882

The official list of subjects for the Preliminary, Intermediate and Final Examinations were published in 'The Accountant' ahead of the first examinations in July 1882.

Subjects for Preliminary Examination

  1. Writing from dictation.
  2. Writing a short English composition.
  3. Arithmetic.
  4. Algebra, to Quadratic Equations (inclusive).
  5. Euclid (the first four books).
  6. Geography
  7. History of England.
  8. Latin, Elementary.
  9. And in any two of the following subjects, one of which, at least, must be a language, to be selected by the candidate:- Latin; Ancient Greek; French; German; Physics; Chemistry; Animal Physiology; Electricity, Magnetism, Light and Heat; Geology; Higher Mathematics.

Recommended reading

The books selected for the examination of candidates in the optional subjects at the preliminary examination held in July 1882 were:

  • Virgil's Aeneid (Book V)
  • Caesar (Books IV, V and VI)
  • Xenophon's Anabasis (Book I)
  • Gil Blas (Chapters L., LI. and LII.
  • Schiller's Marie Stuart (Act I)
  • Deschanel's Natural philosophy, translated by Everett
  • Lodge's Mechanics
  • Roscoe's Lessons in elementary chemistry
  • Huxley's Physiology
  • Geikie's Geology
  • Todhunter's Larger alegebra
  • Todhunter's Trigonometry
  • Euclid (First six and 11th and 12th books)

Examples of the questions set for the preliminary examination from 1882 to 1886 can be seen on our website.

Subjects for Intermediate and Final Examinations

  1. Book-keeping and accounts
  2. Auditing
  3. The adjustment of partnerships and executorship accounts
  4. The rights and duties of liquidators, trustees and receivers
  5. The principles of the law of bankruptcy
  6. The principles of the law relating to Joint Stock Companies
  7. The principles of mercantile law
  8. The principles of the law of arbitrations and awards

Recommended reading

The recommended books on the subjects of the Intermediate and Final Examinations were:

  • Lindley on the Law of partnership, Fourth edition
  • Ringwood on the Principles of bankruptcy
  • Buckley on the Companies' Acts, Third edition
  • Smith on Mercantile law, Ninth edition
  • Russell on the Power and duty of an arbitrator, Fifth edition
  • Williams on the Law of executors and administrators, Eighth edition