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Index of UK and Irish accountancy and professional bodies

This index provides information on professional associations, bodies, societies and institutes in the UK and Republic of Ireland that are related to the accountancy profession. It aims to provide a record of current and defunct organisations including historical information such as name changes.

How the Index is organised

Entries are arranged alphabetically by the organisation's name ignoring prepositions, articles and conjunctions. Each entry contains the full name of the organisation with a direct hyperlink its website where available. Initials, acronyms and other forms of abbreviation are provided (in parentheses). The date of formation and, where applicable, dissolution are also given if known. In some cases notes are provided to help clarify what has happened to an organisation or body.

To trace the development of an organisation try looking up the entries for each of its former bodies in the index to get the full history. If you only know the abbreviation of the body you are looking for try searching the Directory of accountancy abbreviations.


Please note that the appearance of an organisation in the index in no way validates or endorses that organisation. The index is not vetted as such by anyone in the Institute and is only designed to help people locate a particular body.





  • District Audit Service

    District Audit Service, 1846 - 2003

    District Audit merged with the Audit Commission's Inspection Service to become the Operations Directorate of the Audit Commission in January 2003

    See the Audit Commission for further details

  • District Auditors' Society

    District Auditors' Society, 1846 -

  • Dublin Society of Chartered Accountants

    Dublin Society of Chartered Accountants, 1928 - 1976

    became Leinster Society of Chartered Accountants (LSCA) in 1976