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Accounting and finance for your small business

This book has been written for business owners and managers who want to refine the accounting and financial operations of their companies. It provides detailed information about how to run these operations, track cash flows, conduct analyses, analyze key financial information, create a corporate risk management strategy, and manage tax liabilities - in short, all of the key accounting and financial information required to operate a small business.

Auditing for managers: the ultimate risk management tool

Guide to help managers and their teams set standards for self-auditing, risk management, compliance review and formal disclosure reporting. Aims to provide proven, effective techniques for performing reliable and defensible audit reviews to ensure compliance with regulations and standards.

Auditing the risk management process

Guide to auditing the risk management process, including developments in risk management which are relevant to auditors. Contains the following chapters: why risk management?; determining risk management maturity; enterprise-wide risk management; risk appetite; control risk self-assessment; developing an audit approach; the illusion of perfection; and a holistic ERM concept.

Building a resilient organisation

How to design your business strategy to build a prosperous and sustainable business. The book helps readers to understand resilience within organisations and how it can be measured, assessed and enhanced.

Business continuity strategies

A practical guide to protecting against unplanned disasters. Contains strategies for implementing a realistic and cost-efficient business contingency plan to help organisations survive disasters such as natural catastrophe, workplace violence or a terrorist attack.

Business insights China: practical advice on operational strategy and risk management (2nd edition)

Provides practical advice on setting up and managing business in China as well as pointers to support organisations that can help. Fresh insight is offered into the economic and business climate and China's role in the world economy. The book also includes case studies from companies and individuals that highlight the benefits and the potential pitfalls through their experiences of setting up and running business in China. Includes sections on China's macro-risk environment, the regulatory and legal framework, inward investment considerations, key sectors of Chinese business growth and areas of increasing operational risk.

Complete CFO handbook: from accounting to accountability, The

The book contains chapters on obtaining funding, corporate risk management, business strategy and financial planning, performance measurement and transfer pricing, asset management, cost management and finance function effectiveness.

Corporate governance: a practical guide for accountants

The book's chapters cover the concept of corporate governance, codes and rules pertaining to corporate governance, shareholders and the Companies Act 2006, internal controls and risk management, disclosure and reporting responsibilities, and directors' remuneration.

Corporate governance: a practical guide to the legal frameworks and international codes of practice

The book covers corporate governance in the English-speaking world, its application to different business sectors, duties of directors and the company secretary, the Combined Code and financial reporting, business risk management, internal control, audit, IT governance, and corporate social responsibility.

Corporate reputation, the brand and the bottom line

The book introduces the basic principles of reputation management and shows how a strong reputation can be achieved. It coves policies for board effectiveness, long-term reputation management, public relations planning, marketing and public relations, talent management, public affairs, crisis management, and personal development tips for building strong communication skills.

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