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ICAEW produces a variety of publications to support its members and to share knowledge, insight and expertise. This page highlights the latest publications and provides access to comprehensive listings of ICAEW's output.

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The internet of things and accounting: lessons from China

Rick Payne 28-10-2019

By hugely increasing their access to data, the internet of things can help organisations make smarter decisions and better manage people and assets. But, more than this, it can make possible wholly new strategies and business models.

Big data and analytics: the impact on the accountancy profession

Tech Faculty 16-10-2019

This thought leadership initiative outlines the opportunities and risks for accountants from new and advanced capabilities in data, and highlights practical examples of how the profession is changing as a result of big data and analytics.

Digital transformation in finance functions: ASEAN and UK perspectives

Kirstin Gillon 02-10-2019

Informed by in-depth research conducted by ICAEW and the Institute of Singapore Chartered Accountants (ISCA), this thought leadership report provides a rare insight into how digital transformation is being managed in practice across a range of different business settings, and highlights pertinent considerations for leaders undertaking their own transformation projects.

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Consultations and representations

ICAEW makes representations to policymakers and regulators on behalf of the accountancy profession explaining how changes to policy and legislation will impact day-to-day practice.

Technical releases

ICAEW Technical Releases are a source of good practice guidance on technical and practice issues relevant to the work of ICAEW Chartered Accountants, accountants and other professionals.

ICAEW UK Business Confidence Monitor

The Business Confidence Monitor (BCM) is one of the largest and most comprehensive quarterly reviews of UK business confidence and provides a regular snapshot of the economy, informed by senior business professionals running all types of businesses across the UK. It is shared with a range of national and regional policymakers, the business community, academics and researchers. It is a credible predictor of GDP and economic change and supports policy decision-making.

Economic Insight

A quarterly forecast for five global regions prepared specifically for the finance profession. These newsletters provide a unique perspective on the prospects for each region as a whole and for individual economies against the international economic background.

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