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Fees and subscriptions

Your annual membership subscription is due on 1 January.

Being a member of ICAEW makes you part of a powerful global network of finance and business professionals. Your membership subscription enables ICAEW to continue to be a world leader of the accountancy and finance profession, and provide support to members at every stage of their career.

Membership renewal

Your annual membership subscription is due on 1 January. Every year, we will contact you in November about your renewal. If your firm pays your subscription, we will contact them directly to request payment.

If you think you may be eligible for a reduced subscription rate due to low income, or life membership, please contact us immediately so we can amend your membership grade and adjust your annual fee.

Failure to renew on time may result in disciplinary action. See the regulations, standards and guidance area for details.

Reduced subscriptions

If you are on a low income, due to redundancy or retirement, you may be eligible for a reduced subscription. This is often available to members who are on a career break too.

You can only apply for a reduced subscription rate when you renew your membership, which is due on 1 January every year. When the time comes, you can apply online or by calling us.

You will be asked what your annual income is. When awarding reduced subscription status, we will include your total income. Income is earned or unearned, from all sources including interest on investments and savings, property rental, dividends, ISA's and PEPS but does not include any income from pensions or state benefits.

If you are granted a reduced subscription, it will run for a calendar year, regardless of any changes in circumstances. However, it cannot be back-dated, so if your income is reduced part-way through the year, we cannot amend your current subscription rate.

2023 subscription fees

The fees are based on your income and circumstances. These are the annual membership fees for 2023:

Full rate £415.00
Half rate £207.50
Retired rate £207.50
Low rate £55.00
  • If you have an income above £31,615 then you would pay the full rate.
  • If you have an income below £31,615 but above £15,807 then you would pay the half rate.
  • If you have an income below £15,807 then you would pay the low rate.

Practising certificate and Practice assurance fees

Members residing in the UK (including practice assurance) £395.00
Members residing outside of the UK
OPBAS levy (UK only) £59.00

Admission fees

Members residing in the UK £600.00
Members residing outside UK

Readmission fees

There is no readmission fee other than for cases requiring review by the Fitness Committee; fees for such cases will be £830 (two times the main subscription).

Life Membership

Members will be eligible for this if they are over the age of 60 and have been in membership for more than 30 years. They also must be fully retired in all forms of remunerated work and that a practising certificate, if held, is surrendered. If a member meets these requirements, they may be eligible for a one-off life membership fee.

Life membership
One off payment £622.50

Have a question about paying your fees and subscriptions?

Do you have a question about the fees and subscriptions process? Our advisory team have compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions to support you through this process.

Why not set up a Direct Debit today? You can sign up to a Direct Debit for 2023 and take the hassle away by visiting: icaew.com/pay and completing the online form. Please ensure you are logged in to enable this function to work.

Support the ICAEW Foundation

This year members are invited to make a donation to support the work of ICAEW Foundation, to provide bursaries for financially disadvantaged young people to study accountancy and finance in UK universities and to undertake professional accountancy qualifications in developing countries.

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