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Resources for Active Members

Thank you for taking an active role at ICAEW, helping us to grow the organisation and its profile, reputation and influence, and enhance the benefits we offer to our members worldwide.

Please ensure that you are logged in in order to have access to all the appropriate resources. As an active member, you may sit on council, represent us through the district societies or sit on one of our boards and committees or internationally you may be part of our member groups or be a contact member.

Working with our 700 staff, the support you provide as an active member is vital to ensure a link between us and the wider membership, ensuring the wider profession is represented. As part of your role we ask you to follow our values.

FCA Limited Trustee Community

Access Key trustee documents, Hospitality records and training records.

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FCA Limited Trustee Community

F.C.A. Limited (FCA) was appointed Trustee of The Institute of Chartered Accountants Staff Pensions Fund (the SPF) on 1 November 1976 under the power of appointment vested in The Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (ICAEW).