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ICAS members

ICAS members can join the ICAEW through our reciprocal membership agreement. This will give you audit and practising rights in the UK.

How to apply for ICAEW membership

As a member of CAI or ICAS you can gain membership of the ICAEW by providing evidence from your parent body that you are:

  • A member in good standing
  • Paying the appropriate admission and subscription fees.

Please note, even if your application is successful you will not be able to use the ICAEW designatory letters ACA or FCA.

Practising certificate

The ICAEW recognises practising certificates (PC) issued by ICAS. You will not be required to gain an additional PC with the ICAEW if you already hold one with ICAS.

Audit rights

The UK recognises audit rights awarded by ICAS. You will not be required to gain further qualification in the UK if you already hold audit rights with ICAS.

If you do not currently hold audit rights with ICAS and wish to audit, please contact our enquiry line on +44 (0)1908 248 250.