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Apply for the Audit Qualification as an ICAEW student

If you are a student under a training agreement with a firm of registered auditors within the EEA who have been authorised to offer adequate audit training, it is possible that you will have enough experience on completion of your training agreement to apply for the Audit Qualification (AQ) or log the AQ experience that you have accordingly.

If it is possible that you may work in audit at any point during your career, then we recommend that you apply for the AQ on completion of the ACA.

Please read the eligibility requirements carefully before documenting your AQ experience.

What forms do I need to submit?

Audit experience gained during your training agreement must be appropriately documented, either using the online training file for students who register after 1 July 2013, or for students prior to this date, the AQ application form.

At the end of your training agreement you should arrange for your ACA training records to be approved, finalised and submitted to ICAEW. In addition you will need to ensure that you separately arrange for your AQ log (either via the online training file, or the paper form as applicable) to be finalised within six months of the end of your training agreement. Any experience not approved on a timely basis, cannot subsequently be submitted towards an application for the AQ.

Once you come into Membership, and have achieved the necessary audit experience, verified by ICAEW, the AQ will be awarded to you.

What happens if I haven't completed enough audit experience?

If you have not completed enough audit experience at the end of your training agreement, then make sure you have all of your experience, gained at that time, signed off within your AQ log and submit this to us promptly. This experience will then be reviewed and banked, so that it can be contributed towards your total AQ experience. Any experience not finalised and approved within six months of the end of your training agreement, cannot be counted in a future application for the AQ.

You may continue to gain experience after you have qualified, which should be documented on the Post Qualification AQ form.

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